Thanksgiving Laid To Rest

Pumpkin Pie from a *real* pumpkin.

Opened up the oven door

To find the turkey on the floor

Juice of bird is all dried up

What’s going on, where did I screw up

Mashed the potatoes round and round

Half of the splatter now on the ground

Someone asked what’s this I found

I think it’s a lump that was not ground

The dressing was a little dry

Was this supposed to be a pie?

Deviled eggs that fell apart

I screwed them up right from the start

Jimmy tried so hard to be

But all he could do is laugh and pee

Grandpa said his dentures came loose

He wished I  would rather served a goose

Mamma patted my back and looked away

Saying it’s alright, there will be another day

Pumpkin pie had hit the floor

Now everyone was running out the door

This holiday brought us all together

But most decided to stay out in the weather

The dogs were being fed like kings

As they licked up juice and turkey wings

Everyone by now had left for the day

It was only me and here I lay

Thanksgiving Day can bring much stress

But did I really have to make this mess?

Christmas is coming oh too soon

I can feel my head and all the doom

I think that I should retire this day

And give it to the youth and go their way

There comes a time when I would rather just eat

No mess, no baking, no plans to meet.

I will be like the men who watch the game

Stay in my jammies and act so lame

Fill my belly and take a nap

Then thank the hostess, saying I’ll be back.


Terry Shepherd

Oct. 27th, 2012

21 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Laid To Rest

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  2. I’m rather behind commenting here, but until yesterday I hadn’t turned the computer on since last Wednesday. I enjoyed your poem, Terry. It gave me a smile as I pictured the chaos and saw the humor in the middle of it all. 🙂


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