Continuing Story Part 39

The days flew by, as school finals were being studied for and Dahlia was finishing up with her tutoring with her student in dance class. Plans were final for the wedding, and  a

Español: Dahlia 'My Love'. Real Jardín Botánic...

dress rehearsal  date was made and everyone in the wedding party were going to be coming to the boarding home for a party after the rehearsal was finished.

Skies were turning more blue as clouds were disappearing due to spring being closer and closer. Love was in the air, and laughter could be heard all through the house. Well wishers were shaking hands when Dahlia and Drake were down town and wedding cards were being found in the mailbox.

Two weeks before the wedding. Dahlia went once again to the store holding her precious cargo, and tried on  her dress once more. She was seeing herself as she truly looked, beautiful with long flowing hair lying against the shoulders of her dress. The sales ladies couldn’t say enough about how beautiful she looked and what a beautiful bride she was going to make.

She had received a beautiful garter from her friend Sue, as something new for her wedding, and Rachel gave her a delicate silver necklace with a blue rhinestone that cradled itself in the dip in her neck. This was her borrowed gift. Ralph had went to the jewelry store and picked out a blue bracelet that matched the borrowed necklace, and as he gave it to Dahlia, he said it was from him and Rachel as her something blue gift. She had the earrings that Drake had bought her and they sat in a box on top of her dresser. Her dance teacher offered her services to do Dahlia’s hair. She told her that she would love to put it up in delicate swirls of curls, with tiny white flowers braided around the edges.

Dahlia was getting so excited she had butterflies in her stomach almost daily. She was lying on her bed and dreaming about the day she would walk down the aisle at the church, seeing Drake at the end of the walk, waiting for her and he would be smiling at her, and she at him, and both of their hearts could be seen beating from love.

Tomorrow she was having Drake take her over to her dad’s house to check on  him and make sure he was still doing well, and to see if his suit needed a cleaning or not. She had told him that they would bring over a picnic basket and they would all eat lunch together.  She thought of all that she and her parents had been through, and she felt so fortunate to have her very own father walking her down the aisle.

Supper that evening was light, and since it was so nice outside, they took their filled plates and went out on their favorite porch and ate. Afterwards, they spent time singing together, and laughing and playing together. It was a nice way to end the day, as once again tomorrow was back to business with school exams.

Drake had asked Dahlia if she could meet him at the end of the school day, as he could really use her help in speeding up the grading of these exams. He made sure to tell her that he, himself would grade her own paper. She had agreed and after everyone quit singing, they all went in and went their own way.

In his room, Drew was feeling a bit light-headed and decided that he didn’t want to do anything but go to bed. He had a big day and he knew that he had over done it some, so sleep was in order. His lights could be seen turned out early.

Rachel and Ralph retired to their room and talked of the upcoming foods that needed to start being prepared in advance. They talked about how blessed they each were with their continued love for each other, their wonderful children and all of the boarders that lived under their roof. Life was surely good.

Drake was knocking lightly at Dahlia’s door, but she ignored it as she knew that too much dreaming of him through out the day would surely make it harder to have him leave her room tonight. She wanted their first night of marriage to be perfect. She wanted them to be able to share all they had to offer to each other for the very first time together. Soon the knocking quieted, and her room was hers to do as she wished tonight, which was to go to  sleep dreaming about Drake.

Drake went to his room and walked over to his window, and looked out over the night skies, and as he gazed up at the stars, he  thought about how well his students had progressed this year, and how much he loved Dahlia, and nothing could be more important than starting a new life with her. Soon the house was dark and all were in their own dream lands.

The next morning, school as usual, students finishing up their goals for the year. Going to the office to make sure all  plans were finalized for college next year. Last minute high lights of items that were going to be on the tests were being given freely by the teachers. The teachers wanted students to do as well as the students wished for it.

The dance teacher said that Dahlia had done an excellent job tutoring the student, and that this part of her job was over. She felt that the student had made great progress from the help of Dahlia. She then asked her if she would be interested in meeting another student for a full-time job after her wedding.

Dahlia could not believe what she was  hearing. Another student, a full-time job? Her stomach did flips. Without hesitation, she quickly said yes, where is the student, is he or she in the class now? The teacher said that the job was already hers if she wanted it, that she had already spoken to the parents of the child and had told them wonderful things about her, and they were anxious for you to start teaching this child.

The child showed talent and the parents had so much love for this child that had been wanted for so very long. These parents wanted to give their child everything that they could and since they saw the interest in dance, they wanted her to have the best teacher they could afford. The parents were willing to give a nice salary, if in return they could expect an excellent instructor.

Dahlia was  ecstatic. She almost jumped up and down with squeals of delight, but she kept her composure, and instead leaned in and gave the teacher the biggest hug she had ever had and planted a kiss on each side of her cheeks. The teacher smiling, and her eyes glowing, knew that she had made the perfect choice to fulfill this job opening.

After school was over, she went to Drake’s classroom to tell him the good news, but in the excitement had forgotten that he was the one teacher that had given a pre-test to his students, giving them a chance to repair any errors and to do extra studying before the final exam started in two days.

She kept her secret to herself and instead told him she was there to help him grade the papers. He walked over and shut the door and walked back over to her and grabbed her quickly spinning her around, and as she threw her head back in laughter, he planted a kiss in the nape of her neck. This brought her head straight up immediately, and she reached up and touched his lips with hers,and for a short moment, there was silence in the world as the only breathing being done was by these two.

They let go of each other, and sat two chairs together, and buried their heads in grading papers, with every once in a while stealing looks at the other and smiling. When the papers were finished, they grabbed their things and left the school door on their way over to her father’s house.

11 thoughts on “Continuing Story Part 39

  1. This is very bittersweet for me, Terry. I know the end is coming soon and I will have to say goodbye to these people we have lived with for months now. You writing has gotten tighter and more compelling as you have written this book. It is just amazing! If you ever publish I want to purchase a copy.


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