Oh Lord

Hurrican Sandy

Oh Lord we gather around today

And we are going to pray

That you watch over the people there

Please do not leave their area all bare

We sense the fear they carry

Their lives are not sweet and merry

Oh Lord we pray they are safe today

As the weather is having its way

Let them remember you are here

And wipe a way all their tears

You know the reasons why

That this storm is passing by

Oh Lord we trust you so

Please let this pass and go

Let their lives be quick to heal

Let them find shelter and a meal

I pray this in your holy name


7 thoughts on “Oh Lord

    • we have some pretty good winds since last evening, with a weather advisory until tonight at 8pm. gloom, winds, and rain, a big chill in the air. i feel so bad for all of the eastern states. i am in the midwest, and can only imagine the power of the storm for them if it has reached our areas


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