9 thoughts on “Plinky | “Letter to (Future) Me” by terry shepherd

  1. Re: I am considering selling my home, and moving into an assisted living area, but I was not able to save much money, with the times being so tough, so I may be forced to live with family members. I know they will welcome me, but I also know the burden it will cause on their private lives.

    Did you consider them a burden while raising them? Most parents don’t and neither should children consider their parents a burden when it becomes their turn to care for their aging parents.


    • this is very true, but they were children, and now they are grown with lives of their own. i have worked in the medical field for many years, and have heard the adult children talking about how they have to take in one of the parents, and the talk is never pretty, the adult kids talk about the sacrifices they have to make. we wanted them as babies, and now they want their lives. remember, this is only some situations, others are lucky such as yours


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