I Don’t Want To Appear Crafty

I was made aware about an hour ago, that my published photo and my poem are a scam. I replied back to the email.

I understand that I am only honored with a certificate for my poem, and my photo was published. I also understand that if the company wanted to publish my poem, it could have required a certain dollar amount.

At this time in my life, I was grabbing on to some happiness for me. Caring for my brother is hard work, maybe more emotionally than physically, but sill, it is a 24/7 job, which I am doing alone.

I shared with all of you because I got so much joy out of something good, that I didn’t care if I had to purchase the book or not. I won’t be purchasing the book. I am so content, with just knowing they were just giving me an honorable mention with the poem.

My photo is in a book out here in the world, and I did not have to purchase to get it there. Well, anyways, I don’t ever want anyone to think that I would ever try to pull something off that was not true. I was just so darn excited, and had to share……………

Sorry for any misunderstandings on my part.

Hugs to all of my friends. I don’t know what I would do without you!!!!

Nika has figured out how to get my thumb in he...

I Had To Share With You, My Friends

I just had to show you what I have accomplished! I could not keep the excitement inside of myself and had to share, so picked you, to share it with. I had entered a photography contest, and the photo that won, and is now published. It is this one, pictured of a tree trunk.

The other one, I received the certificate in the mail yesterday, stating that out of 5,000 people, I had won an honorable mention. I did not care if I did not win the big prize, I cared that I was noticed and they let me know.

The poem that won this nice certificate is this.

Dedicated To My Brother

One night as I was sleeping well

I heard a little tinker bell

I looked up at the darkness light

And there was oh so bright a light

I heard the voice say I need you now

It said do listen and then do vow

A man you know that is your brother

Has asked for help from none than other

He fears his life may be in doom

He is waiting for you in the other room

Give up what you think is important today

And help your brother to find his way

He will become dependent and weaker than you

He says he trust no other that only you will do

I tell you child this journey will be hard

Satan has thrown in the joker of all cards

You will achieve your own lessons  this I know

For I have planted tests to see if you will grow

His end of life may come sooner than yours

Just love him today and tomorrow the chores

Show patience and kindness, this way you both win

And I will reward you and throw away your sins.

There is no one better to do this job

It will be like shelling the hard casings on an old corn cob

I have give you this because you said you love me so

I know you won’t fail me, now turn and go

For this is your talent  that I have given to you

I know that you will always do the best you can do

And one day when it’s over, you will look back

And see that your brother had nothing to lack

He loves you, you know with all of his heart

He just has some issues with displaying this part

For I knew when I thought of you and him

That you would be the one who could get him to grin

There is nothing more special than two siblings who share

And I made sure when creation was thought, I’d make you a pair

Now go unto him he is calling your name

Help him to feel special and needed the same

Now open your eyes because this is no game

He is crying and lost and I hear him calling your name

Terry Shepherd


It feels good to have a smile from my own person, as I travel down the path with my brother, battling Parkinson’s Disease.

Two More Names To Add To The Thank-You List

Greeting Card with Birdcage

As most of you know, I started a SMILE project for Al. He has Parkinson’s Disease, and is in a lot of pain, now fairly controlled by pain medications. His smiles are far and few in

between. I started the program to see if I could get more smiles from him.

At first he was not quite sure as to what to think about receiving cards, but after they started coming in, he got to the place that he will ask me now, isn’t it time to go check the mail? Isn’t that just so cute.

So many of you have been gracious and kind and have helped out with this. We have received cards from anywhere here in the U.S. to Canada, Sweden, and Australia. He has received cards, cars, calendars, photo books full of coca cola items, hats, bible markers, key rings, DVD’s, candies, and much more.

If I have forgotten something, please forgive me. Al takes all of his things and keeps them in his room for his eyes only. One gift that we received yesterday was a little angel ornament. I have personally claimed this and have it hanging where she can watch over Al and me at all times.

Today, I want to pay a big thank-you to


Diane S.

I want you to know how much Al and I appreciate all of your efforts in helping with this project.!!!!

If anyone would still like to participate in this, please email me at


for a mailing address.

Thank you Julie and Diane. Big hugs from the two of us