Recipe From My Grandma’s Days

This is a recipe that my Grandma made up until she could no longer sit or stand to cook. As she got older, her love for cooking never ended, and so she would get an old wooden stool and sit in her kitchen cooking.

Today, she is 96, and although, she has remained firmly planted to the old ways of cooking, where you used lard, instead of canola oils, and she ate gravy every day and fried every meat, instead of baking, she is a very healthy woman still.

Here is her recipe, that I use still, in fact, I made it yesterday, a big pot, and shared it with Al and my son and his family, and there is one small bowl left, so this tells me I still got the knack!


Home Made Potato Soup With Rivals
Peel potatoes and cut up bite size. Cook until almost complete. While potatoes are cooking, break two to four eggs, depending on how much soup you want, using a whisk, beat them up, add salt and pepper for taste, then mix enough flour to make a pizza dough firmness. With fingers take pieces of dough and roll off of your fingers, allowing smaller pieces to fall in

potato water. Turn burner back up to medium heat and let all cook for another fifteen minutes. You may add butter and cream at the end for extra flavor and texture. Your flour rivals will thicken water, so make sure you start off with plenty of water covering your potatoes for cooking. This is a family recipe that my grandma always made. It is cheap in cost to make and very filling. I have also added bacon bits, a white sauce made from scratch , or cheddar cheese at the very end. Enjoy!!!!
Sometimes I add a can of cream of celery soup, dried onion flakes, spices of my choice, always one being curry, and I quite frequently add shredded cheese.
This post is dedicated to my good friend Bonita! Thanks for the encouragement of trying something new on my blogging!



16 thoughts on “Recipe From My Grandma’s Days

      • there are no measurements for this old recipe, use as many potatoes as you wish. if you make a big batch of potatoes, use four eggs, medium batch, use two eggs, your dough will be like a pizza dough, but a little dryer. it should roll over of your fingers while dropping it in to the hot water. it should not stick to you


  1. Terry, what an interesting recipe – never had a potato soup with what I would call dumplings.
    This I have to put on file. What a great age your grandma has reached. 3 years on my mum. Brilliant. My mum can’t stand anymore neither.


    • i am not sure if you will like this recipe or not. your foods are much fancier, and this is a hearty soup for a wintery day, made of simple ingredients at home, but i hope you try it, and if you do, I am sure you will let me know what you thought. we love it here in the midwest, where the winters are bitter and food is high priced. one good thing about this recipe is you can spice it up with so many different flavors, which i do…………..u may enjoy that!


      • My food isn’t fancy – never do anything fancy .. fancy food you get on star restaurants – I never worked on one of them. I don’t know if I will like the soup neither – because of the potato or the dough in the same pot – both are starch. But I have saved your post – because it tickles me.


    • the bread is an idea, although we have never eaten bread with it. the potatoes and the rivals are total carb and starch, lol, it is so filling, oh! and let me know if you make it and how you liked it!


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