The Holidays Are Coming

Sometimes, when I get down and out

Moon Light

Moon Light

The only way to push it away is to shout

To the world I want you to know

That I miss my parents so

The holidays are coming soon

And as I look way up at the moon

And see the twinkle of the stars

I wonder how in fact you  are

I miss you so, my heart does hurt

I wipe my tears away with my shirt

What I would not give to see you again

And go back in time to you remember when

The smiles the talk the atmosphere

Of mommy and daddy oh so dear

Another year I will spend with Al

And we will try but I know we shall

Be thinking of you and years gone by

I miss u so bad I’m wiping tears from my eye.

Take care of them God and watch ore  them for me

And tell them I love them and some day it’ll  be

My turn to leave everyone behind me

And Al and me will be sitting  oh so near

Until the time comes that only you do know

We shall carry on, and try not to show

Our feelings we hide other days of the year

We will walk together and try to show no fear

The holidays are coming oh too soon

As I look to the skies and up to the moon

I love you mom and dad we shall be with you soon.


Terry Shepherd

November 4th, 2012

20 thoughts on “The Holidays Are Coming

  1. What a heart tugging poem, Terry. Thank you! It reminds us that there are so many that struggle over the holiday time, missing loved ones and often alone! love and prayers!


    • thank you for your comment and I hope everyone appreciates the holidays this year and takes time to breathe, have fun, and enjoy the family, and always remember to give thanks to God


  2. Yes, i miss so many family members over the holidays — mom, my aunts and uncles and even some cousins. Even though dad is here, with his Alzheimer’s i feel like the old dad is gone too. It adds a tinge of sadness to the holidays, but in fact there are many happy memories there.


    • I am so thankful for my memories, and I believe Al has many also, because he is worse than I am at the holidays, hiding in his room praying for the day to end, as he says……………….I am glad u have happy memories also, so many are unfortunate and do not, or not even know who their parents are


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