In The Quiet Of The Moment

Standing in the shadows of life looking out

A Small Light of Hope to the People of Japan

At the glistening snow that is falling all about

Feeling a hush covering my mind and soul

The candle is burning, but the flame is low

And now the time has come upon me

To realize that life can set some free

And others will carry a mound of pain

And although it hurts bad, there is nothing to gain

The night brings no light and it is hard to see

The pain that is deeply touching inside of me

Sometimes we are faced and not given a chance

Decisions and answers that become enhanced

Are taken away by the one above

He promises to care and to always love

I don’t understand all of his ways for me

All I know at this moment, is that it is tearing at me

So many prayers have been prayed tonight

These will help me to get through this night

We are born to live and we live to die

We are given trials and ask him why

This is one of the hardest things I will do

Is realizing sometime I am going to lose you

I have kept you under my arms with care

I have carried your burdens so you don’t have to bare

Now I am going to share our lives with them

In hope that we can make you feel better again

Everyone will do their best to make you feel

As best you can, I swear it for real

How ever much time you have left right here

Always remember, brother I love you so dear.


Terry Shepherd

Nov 8th 2012



Too Emotional

I don’t know what I would do without any of you, I really don’t. Now I am in the biggest emotional roller coaster of my life, and believe me there are tears this time. I can not stop


them. I have had bad news and more bad news on top, pertaining to Al, and I just can not speak of right now. Please be understanding with why I have not blogged since yesterday. Please be patient with me, and hopefully I will be back to a more normal person tomorrow, able to speak of what is happening.

I love you all, and would give anything if any of you were here with me.

Talk to you soon.