NaNoWriMo Chapter 4

Paul went about his business and went in his bathroom and took a nice, hot shower. He thought about the woman who had just left his apartment, and he smiled to himself as he thought of how good she tasted to him. It had been some time since he had held a woman and let her excite him the way that she did.  After getting out of the shower, he dried off and went to the kitchen and poured himself a night cap and taking it with him; he walked over to his desk, to see what clients he had appointments with the next day. Ah yes, here was one that looked pretty easy. A little old lady named Sara. She was trying to make it so her kids could not come over to her house when she was a way and take what they wanted, while she was still alive.

Poor old lady, not even dead yet and here was the kids and grandkids trying to rip her off before her feet were in the grave. He mumbled to himself, that he didn’t know what was wrong with people today, but at least they kept food on his table. He finished his drink and burped out loud and then wandered into his bedroom, and flipped on the news to see who was killing who.

There was nothing really exciting and since the beauty had wore him out he decided to call it a night, and with the remote in his hand, he flipped the television off, and with darkness blanketing him, he fell off to sleep.

The next morning, he didn’t feel like cooking, so he got dressed and headed out to his car. He pulled up in front of the little restaurant that served the best looking waitresses and their cooking was pretty good too. He walked in and one of the waitresses flashed him her biggest smile, and nodded towards an empty table in her section. He smiled back and went to the table and sat down. She brought him over a steaming hot cup of coffee, and asked him what she get him this morning, and he told her she would do.

She slapped him on the shoulder in a flirty way and said that he knew she was married, what did he really want, and realizing he wasn’t going to get anywhere with her, he ordered a couple of scrambled eggs, with a steak on the side, and a couple of slices of toast. She nodded and took off towards the kitchen to deliver the ticket order. Paul looked around to see if there was anyone here that was worth talking to, and seeing no one, he walked over to the top of the trash can, and grabbed the morning paper and went back and sat at his table, flipping the pages for interesting news.

Soon his breakfast came, and also came a long tall gentleman, and when the plate was placed in front of him, and his coffee refilled, the guy sat down, without an invitation, and said, “Do you know a woman by the name of Slim?” Paul said, “What’s it to you? I don’t know you so get the hell out of my way!” The guy ignored his request and continued with his conversation. “I hear you been spending some time with my wife, Slim. I hear she wants to hire you for some job. What is it that she wants you to do?” Paul looked him straight in the eye and without blinking said, “Kill you.”

The guy sat there and said nothing for a moment, letting Paul attack his food before it got cold. Paul acted like there was no one sitting across from him and buried his head in his plate, and the guy then got his breath back, and said, “What did you tell her? Did you tell her you would do it?”

Paul looked at him and said,” Get the hell out of here, can’t you see I am busy? I didn’t come here to be bothered by the likes of you. I am not going to discuss whether I told her yes or no, because it is none of your darn business, you hear me?”

The guy stood up and said that Paul better watch his back. He knew of his type, big macho men who think they know it all. He continued with how he wasn’t afraid of him, so he better is watching out, and with that, Paul raised his hand and shooed him away, and went back to his breakfast.

The Ma-in-Law

After he cleaned his plate up, the waitress came back and asked if that man was bothering him, because if he was, she could tell her boss, and they could have that guy banned from this place. Paul told her, “No, it was just some pesky fly trying to make an ass out of himself by buzzing around. He had swatted him, and the guy was gone, but thanks doll, for trying to protect me.” With that, Paul got up

More Thank-You’s For Al’s Cards

Get Well Card

I want to take a moment of your time and say a huge thank-you to all who participated in sending Al cards, some even sent me cards, which was a nice surprise. Al still looks at my hands to see if I have any mail for him when I go to see him at the nursing home, and now, I have two more to take to him tomorrow.

I went to see Al today, and he was in therapy doing leg exercises. The therapist was telling Al how good he was doing and making big process. I had to admit, hearing those words made me feel good also, and for a quick moment, I wished that this meant he was going to be able to throw that walker a way one day, but Al did more than think it, he asked it.

He told the therapist that since he was doing so good, that his Parkinson’s was finally going to leave and he gave a big old smile, and then she busted that smile and turned it into a frown and tears.

She said no, you won’t ever get to the place that you won’t need the walker, we can’t fix the PD, but we just want to try to keep your legs strong for a bit longer. He sure did not understand and told her so by saying, but you said I am doing better……..I backed out of the therapy room a moment while I let a couple of tears flow for his sadness at hearing this,when he truly did hear that he was getting better.

It reminded me once again, that doctors and nurses, therapist sugar coat, telling me Al is doing great, but instead they forgot to mention the PD has now penetrated his heart muscle.

I want to say thank-you to:

Patricia Beggs

Kathy Fehr

Melody McAtee

Jim Wright


thank you all!!!!

Daily Prompt: Be the Change/ The Daily Post

English: Student pledging to the flag, 1899.

English: Student pledging to the flag, 1899. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

Wow, this question took me back in my seat! A chance to make a change for everyone living in this big world? Does this mean this can be bigger than holding the President’s office? Bigger than the government? Wow, what a chance of a life time.

The first thing I would do is change people’s views, getting them to rid the thought of, me first, and changing it to, working for and with the people. The world in my view is still a great world, but changes have happened and we all don’t think alike any longer, so this would be a must.

The second thing I would change is God. God must be made first in each and every living mind. To realize we need God in our country, in our hearts and minds, is a very important thing to me.

Next, let us come together and settle the wars and frictions around the world. Let us find ways to get along and to share what we have with others. Let us take the word greed out of our vocabulary, and bring love and a bigger peace than we have ever had before.

Next, I would like to bring family back to the meaning of family. What is family? A unit of people living together, being there for each other, helping each other, lend a listening ear, and providing a helping hand, and yes, sometimes needing to provide a tough love, so that we all grow to realize adulthood and all of the challenges it can bring to our own personal lives.

You are sitting back laughing as you read this aren’t you? You are telling me that I am dreaming and living in the past. It is alright, with me, if you do not agree with my thoughts. I believe in the memories I have, of a close family and a school where the first thing I did after making our presence known in class, was to say The Pledge Of Allegiance.

I remember having to help tend gardens so that I knew I was going to have food on our tables during the hard, cold winters. I remember earning privileges to have a bicycle, and then a car. Nothing was given, all was earned.

I remember my parents buying what they thought I needed for school, and if I wanted extras, I needed to have a part-time job, to get these. Respect was taught at home, and carried with me through-out my adult years.

Yes, I may be asking for the impossible, but this prompt is I can make a change, and this is what I would wish to happen.

These are my thoughts only, and I, in no way, am trying to change your own views and thoughts. Have a great day!

Let Our Minds Wander

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.

The skies are no more blue, the children are no more laughing and being seen in the park

playing. The skies are now gray and the snow/rain mix falls softly to the ground. A look of dreariness on the outside, while I am inside with the heat coming over me.

The holidays are coming, and for some, this is a joyous season full of food, laughter, and good times being spent together. For most of us, it is a season to spend much more time in the stores buying presents. Trunks of cars are filled to the maximum and hopes in our heads are, that the person we bought this gift for will love it as much as I loved picking it out.

The Christmas tree decorating is a highlight for some. The melodies are playing happily in the background. Fireplaces are lit with flames dancing for our delight. Each child helping to decorate their section of the tree, placing ornaments in silly places, throwing icicles in bundles. Parents stand back and tell the child what a great job they have done with this family project, and when the child walks a way, mommy, goes behind her or him and straightens just a little.

A Thanksgiving feast awaits each eye that walks into our front door, and everyone claims how they starved themselves, waiting for the feast. Dishes being brought and the card tables are looking over crowded, as each guest arrives

Grace is said while all hold hands, and thanks are spread around the room for the food they are about to partake. Clatter of glasses, and silverware clinking on the plates, shows the chef that this meal was worth all the work put into it.

The gentlemen retire to the den and the ladies clear the table, only leaving  the munchies for the ones who always find a little more space to fill. The men watch sports or nap, and the ladies chatter about the plans in progress for Christmas, and exchange recipes, and the children go out doors to play in the snow.

In my eyes, whether this actually happened in my brain or it was formed in my mind, this is the Thanksgiving perfect holiday. Family together, spending the entire day doing nothing more than expected.

I look out my window at the dreary skies, and the snow falling, and wonder if others feel what I feel, or are there some who are dreading being alone. Are the lonely people going to remain lonely on this day? Will they even cross our minds? Are the ones hiding under the bridges to stay warm, going to be able to be taken in for food, and heat, and conversation?

Do we spend any time in the hospitals or nursing homes letting someone know we care? Do we participate in Angel Tree Programs so others less fortunate may open one gift under their invisible tree? Will we ring the bell for the season, helping fill homes with heat and water?

This is a joyous season for some, and for others it can be very lonely and cold, and others are so destitute, that suicide can be the main course for the day. Let us all remember others that are near us, maybe a neighbor next door, or someone down the block. Let us try to remember just one other while we celebrate this Thanksgiving Day.

very interesting and well written


I always thought I was afraid of death. I remember being a child and I went through a phase, I was convinced that we would be burgled and I would be killed in the process. My parents spent many an evening before bed reassuring me that, we were safe, we were locked in the house and we wouldn’t be burgled… All the same, in my 8 year old mind, the absolute terror that I put myself through, the thought of dying, was too much to bare.  I of course am older now, but still have to lock all the doors and ensure keys are out of sight, just incase a thief has brought along a hanger to fish the keys off the table by the door… With my maturity though, has come another fear, and in someways it’s worse than my childhood fear of death – the fear of being…

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