Ice-Cream, Pudding, Jello

Milk teeth of a nine year old boy, showing too...

Well today was the day, the day I took Al to the dentist to see if he was going to go to the hospital for admittance with his two teeth.

I met Al and the driver of the facility and we went inside to wait his turn to have his name called. We waited for too long in my opinion, as Al told me over and over he wanted his achy teeth pulled and he didn’t understand why they wanted hm to wait.

Finally, his name was called and we went into the little cubicle. I love the dentist that works with Al. He is gentle with Al in emotions, words and actions. The nurse took his blood pressure and it was pretty good for him being nervous. His tremors were acting up, and his fingers looked puffy, but no one at the facility has said anything about this to me.

The dentist came in and he said he had been rereading Al’s paper work for a few days and trying to come to the perfect solution. He said it was tough, because these teeth were bad, but so was his Parkinson’s.

He said that he had given it much thought, and he thought the IV sedation was too risky here in the office, and he thought the hospitalization was even riskier, so he wanted to numb his gums and pull the two teeth here, using no sleep medications. He thought the least risk was the best way for Al’s heart.

So in a few minutes, Al’s mouth was numb and the two teeth were out. His blood pressure did not drop, the heart remained as good as it was when he walked in the front door. He made the right decision.

What was better yet now that the breathing from me was going back to normal, was the dentist’s remarks to Al: For the rest of the day, I want you to eat only ice-cream, jello, and pudding.

Let me tell you, with Al’s mouth stuffed with gauze, and a bit of blood, Al gave me the biggest smile ever, ice-cream and pudding and jello!

The driver took him back to the facility when all was safe in his mouth, and I went to Al’s favorite restaurant and had some lunch alone. I kept glancing to my side to ask Al if his lunch was good, but the seat was  empty.


Daily Prompt: This is Your Song/ Daily Prompt

Carpenters (album)

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of

your post.


The Carpenters, It’s Going to Take Some Time This Time

The Carpenters have always been my favorite group. The beat, the voices, the rhythms, every thing I have loved about them.

We go to school when we are very young, and we learn our ABC’s, and we continue through our school years,  preparing ourselves for college and being proper adults. Did anyone teach you about how to accept changes once you achieved adulthood? For me, I know the answer is no, they did not. Being a business leader, or a doctor or nurse was the goal.

When I got married the first time and then became divorced, I listened to this song over and over. It’s going to take some time this time to learn how to live on my own.

How about when we had children. Were they more than cuties or beautiful? Were we prepared for raising infants to adults? I wasn’t, so once again I listened to this song as I carefully went into motherhood, trying to not make too many mistakes.

When my mom passed away, I didn’t think this song was going to help me, but it did, and when my daddy passed away, I wore this song out. The line of this song still holds true in my heart, because I am still trying to take some time to get used to not having my hero in my life.

Now, I have let my brother go. He is being cared for others while along with my help, we are all doing our best to make his life as pain-free and happy as possible. Parkinson’s Disease as my friend Jo, says, isn’t pretty. I don’t know how much time it is going to take this time, but I am trying to be patient, giving time to heal from the loss of him here with me, praying for time for him to find inner peace, and time for me to get prepared for this nasty disease to keep progressing, with God holding my hand.

Looking For Dog Help

I love Polly, my new pup a lot, but I am having difficulty with three things, and I am being


Polly (Photo credit: bullcitydogs)

patient, but she is causing me a couple of problems, so I am looking to you, the dog experts.

Number one, I really want her to sleep in her cage, but when I put her in it, she barks and whimpers so loud, I give up and put her in bed with me. She proceeds to want to sleep as close as she can, giving me no room to move or roll over, or she is licking my face. LOL. How do I fix this?

She potties outside when I take her out 90% of the time, but she is almost 9 weeks, so in a matter of minutes, she dribbles on the carpet. I know how to blot it up, but do I really want my carpet ruined by pee from a beloved pet? No.

Thirdly, she has caused me to almost fall, well, I can’t even count on both fingers. She refuses to walk anywhere but under my feet, trying to walk between my feet or on my feet. I walk ever so gently, and I have tried saying no, and gently nudging her out-of-the-way, but she keeps coming back.

I feel like I need to sit on my couch and not move, in order to remain standing. I have not even been able to clean my house, and believe me, even though it is only me instead of Al and me, it shows that I am living inside of here. LOL. She wants to be held at all times, or she whimpers. She is the biggest whimper dog ever!!!

Someone help me with ideas on how to fix this! I know it takes time to housebreak a dog, so I am not being impatient, but to go outside and keep dribbling inside, well, I have had my fill of it.

Should I keep her in the crate at all times except for potty, eat, and play time, and just listen to her whimper and bark?