at this time now in my life, this is a great idea!!

Caring with Confidence

By Patty Ayers

From the beginning of November to the beginning of January one of the major concerns that many caregivers share with me is the stress associated with the upcoming holidays, combined with the stress of caring for their loved one.  Many caregivers feel “obligated” to keep things “the way they’ve always been” for the sake of their children, grandchildren or parents.  Do yourself a big favor and consider alternatives that will ease your stress.  Life has most likely not been the status quo since your loved one became ill, so why try to keep it normal when it will make you feel overwhelmed?

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  1. Thank you Terry for reblogging Patty’s post. I am glad that the post was helpful to you. Holidays can be a very difficult time for those with loved ones experiencing serious illness and for those that have experienced loss. Major life changes such as what you are experiencing with Al’s transition to a long term care facility create stress, even under the best of circumstances. Holidays add to this stress. Please be sure to care for yourself during this time.


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