A Memory

Remembering days gone by

English: Willow Tree - Glebe Gardens

When under a weeping willow tree

I played with dollies, just them and me.

Parents surrounding my entire world

Friends calling to come out and play

Life was good and all was going my way.

Now I look back at what I had

And treasure the moments gone by

As I sit here alone with tears in my eyes.

Parents pass into the heavenly realm

Changes we do not ask for come upon us

Some of them hitting like a big  giant bus.

Holidays are coming and some sit all alone

Remembering good food and love everywhere

Wanting so desperately to be needed and share.

I wish I could go back and change that big clock

And hear mom and dad’s  voice just one more time

Waiting to see Santa, just waiting in line.

People come and go out of our lives

A few who drift in stay your whole life through

Now the holidays are here, and I’m longing for you.

Terry Shepherd




23 thoughts on “A Memory

  1. I think we all feel that way, Terry. It’s hard to accept the changes that “time” brings to us all. I try not to let my mind dwell, there, but to appreciate the “now”, whatever it brings. Be gentle with yourself. 🙂


  2. Great written, you are getting so good .. on this style of writing, can’t remember the name.
    Can’t agree … with it – but that’s an other matter – Christmas and me are not pales anymore. *smile


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