Plinky, 11/15/2012

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The Prompt is; Reflecting Back at Your Life, and What Would You Be Thinking.

Reflecting at the end of Life

Knowing the way my mind works, I think I would be thinking back to my kids and hoping that I had done a good job at raising them, and that they forgave me for my own errors, as I am not a perfect woman, mother, nor wife.
I would be fearful of leaving everyone behind, but yet excited about seeing Jesus, and finally able to sit by him.
I always have said I will die from smoking or my diabetes, so I will probably be cursing myself, for not giving up the smokes, or for eating too many sweets.
I will be talking to my mom and dad, and letting them know how anxious I am to see them again. My grandma and grandpa will be there waiting for me too!
Even though, I can do nothing about it at this point, I will be going over in my mind any debts I have left behind. Hoping I have everything covered, so that my kids will not be left with my burdens.
Finally, I hope and pray, that when you place me in that casket, that you do not place me on my back! You all know I get terrible headaches when I lay on my back. Put me on my side, you know I like to be different, and lastly, I pray that there are no roses at my funeral. Everyone knows that I am terribly allergic to roses, so if there are any there, I will know that I had not taken the time to make amendments with one of my enemies.
Lord, I had a great life, and you provided me with many wonderful opportunities. I am sorry for the ones I let slip by and thankful for the ones I reached out and grabbed. Thank-you Lord for the many wonderful friends I have made through my blogging. It was because of your nudging me, that I even began to write. I am so thankful Lord, that you have loved me from day one, and that you have forgiven me for all of my sins. I am ready Lord, I have made my peace. I am coming now to see you Lord. Amen

9 thoughts on “Plinky, 11/15/2012

  1. we all have reasons to dread our coming death… but for the Christian we have great reason to look to our time of death with joy knowing, just as you say, that we will be going home ot be with our Lord and our saved loved ones. What a blessing it will be ot leave this sinful world behind and enter into the presence of our Lord and Saviour. My prayer is that everyone who reads your posting will be reminded of their coming death, see the need to prepare for that death, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Lord bless you. Thank you for the wonderful testimony.


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  3. This is a good topic and you have done a good job with it. As Rob said, I hope those who read this and don’t know Jesus will take some time to consider what will happen to them when this life is over. Accepting the Lord is the only viable option. The consequences of not choosing the Lord are unthinkable, but nevertheless will happen without that life-saving commitment to the Lord. Thank you for being so forthright in sharing your faith.


  4. Just read this for the first time and I felt that I could have written some of it. I am a Christian and I know I will be going to heaven when I die but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about dying some days. I am not worried about the aftermath of my death. I worry about the actual event. I am sure I will die from a massive heart attack or diabetic complications. But I wonder will I have to die all alone or will it be slow and painful, My mother, RIP, knew she was going to die for 2-3 days before she actually did. Her doctors told her and she faced it so bravely. She died in her sleep early one morning with no sign of distress at all. Her 8 children were with her and it all seemed so quiet and peaceful. I want a death like that.


    • Vickie, I want a death like that also. in my sleep is the best way to go. I laugh while i say that i also will die from either smoking, diabetes, or over weight, take your pick. either way, God knows how I am going to die. I have been on a diet since nine years old, and I still gain weight. I had children and reaped Diabetes. I am who I am, and god help me, I am going to try to live the best life I can, while I can. I can change some things about me, and others I can not. i will never be the Barbie doll type, and men don’t drop their mouths when they glance my way. I am an over weight girl who for the most part is happy. my goal is to make others happy and hopefully it will wear off on me


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