Daily Prompt, Coming to a Bookshelf Near You

The first American edition of Harry Potter and...

The first American edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire published by Scholastic, without its dust jacket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

It just so happens that last week, I finished my first book. I am now in the process, with a friend’s help, of trying to get it to look like a book, so that I can leave behind something I did, all by myself!

Take a young girl, who dreamed of becoming a dancer and instructor. Add to that, a mixture of not so perfect parents, an illness, and the desire to get through anything in life Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would not let anything or anyone stop you? Did you ever wish you had someone who was cheering you on towards that goal?

This is what my book is all about. Life, real life events, feelings and love.

About the author,

A woman who has always been part of healing. Healing others who are sick, or who are close to dying. A woman from the mid west, mother of three, grandmother of eight. A caregiver for most of her life. Writer, author, lover of antiques, and slavery.

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt, Coming to a Bookshelf Near You

  1. how fantastic that you have finished a book.. what a wonderful feeling that is.. but did I am confused. Did you mean to write there that you are a lover of antiques and slavery? c


  2. I have never wanted anything really bad – not what I can remember – never had a goal in life at such, whatever was put in front me I did my best of and that was why I was so successful in my work.
    But consciously I have never driven against a goal – I have saved for things that I wanted.

    There was very few around to cheer and support me when I was younger – but in my adult life I had quite a few fans.
    Good luck with your new book …. And forget the smiles


    • You have made yourself a great and wonderful life, doing for yourself, without much help,and coming out on top!!! I am so proud of you my friend, and I am sure you are proud of yourself also!


      • I’m pleased with myself and my life – I’m proud that I have turned out as I have – because I had a bad streak for a while as a teenager – got a second chance and took it – and done well since then.


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