Beautiful Blogger Award

Granny, over at: has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Granny is a wonderful person! I am so happy that we have crossed paths here at the blogging world.

Here is an excerpt from a page at her web address.

I am married to my best friend, hero and soulmate… Skip.  We have 2 Pups named Sweet Chadwick Elsworth and Kissy Fairchild.

We lost our son, Tommy, who was a very important part of our world.  He collapsed at the beach (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) playing with his little son, Taban, something he wanted to do.  He died there with little Taban near him.  Tommy had 2 blockages in his heart that no one was aware of.

Please feel free to stop over and visit with her.

Thank you so much Granny for this wonderful award!!!

22 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Terry what coincidence. I was introduced to Granny’s blog earlier today by Raymond’s Mom. Her poem was so poignant and filled with raw pain. I cried for her. I agree, she is a wonderful blogger. Well done with your award. It is well deserved!


      • hey what’s happening with my blog, is it giving you trouble?
        if so have you tried just signing in with an email address, not your wordpress account? i need to hear what problems people are having.


      • It repeatedly ignores me wanting to follow you, so I have to constantly fight to read your blogs. Everything was fine before the new page you have now, and I can’t seem to fix it, no matter how I sign in or how many times I click on follow


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