I Am Shocked!

I am shocked at myself! I did not know I could do anything crafty with my fingers other than type! I just had to show you what I made all by myself! I am not sorry, for being so excited. I am actually proud of myself!

I was gifted this old chicken coop window, and turned it into this! It even has working Christmas lights! I went to the Goodwill Store and bought bits and pieces and created a part of my mind.

You can actually see this also at my group page I have on my Facebook:


Well, I have taken enough of your time with this, just wanted to show you what I did!

37 thoughts on “I Am Shocked!

  1. Good job, Terry. It looks beautiful. I think creative people are often creative in more than one area. It is a great outlet and helps you focus on something other than your problems. The best thing about it is that you have something tangible to show for your time. Keep on creating, whether with your writing or with new crafts.


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