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I entered a poetry contest, that a good friend told me about. I received a reply today. The company was asking for no money. They just want me to proofread it and initial for any changes.

This time I am excited, as I don’t feel this is a scam. Recommended and no money required. Just a letter letting me know they liked it, and wanting me to initial and send back. This is the poem that I wrote.

If this is by chance a scam, at least I have paid nothing.

37 thoughts on “I Saw This In my Mailbox

    • World Poetry. After doing much research, my poem will be published. There are no prizes or anything. I can find the book on the bookshelves, but I am not going to buy it through the company. I win nothing but my piece is going to be out there.


    • I just like the idea of my name being in a book. I am not buying the book. i have read both way, scam and not scam. What it comes down to is that there is a book with my poem and name in there, but u win nothing. which is ok too


    • i did not have to pay nor do i have to pay to have it published. it is a chance to see your name in print, and that is all i wanted. i can buy the book through different book stores, i did research it quite a bit. there were pros and cons, but most of what i read is the poems do get published in a real book, which is all i wanted


  1. Yay, Terry! I am happy for you! I did a couple of those . .. and if I wanted, I could pay for the anthology, after it was published. I never did and you don’t have to either. You can just be blessed that your poem is in it, if that is all you wanted anyway! 🙂


  2. Congratulations – we all have to start somewhere. it must be exciting knowing your work will be in print! 😀


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