Al’s Secret Christmas Gift to Me

al at birthday partyToday, I went to see my brother, Al. He had wandered into the therapy, to ask the therapists to fix his legs. He legs were under the deep heat therapy, and his whole body was full of tremors.

He told me he woke up and did not feel right. He said when he got up, he felt like he was going to fall down. I think he laid back down and let the nurse know he was feeling bad. He told me his tummy hurt, and he just did not feel right.

No nurse came to me with any reports, but I did find out that staff wants him to start eating a little bit more food. He is beginning to taper off his appetite, due to constant pain.

He said that he had another unwanted visitor. This was the visitor that I had spoken to prior and said that Al did not really want her to come back. Al told me,” You would be proud of me Terry. I didn’t have to go get the nurse, I just told her to leave”. I looked at him and said”If this is what you wish, than I am behind you”. He replied back,”She says she will call you and tell you I would not let her in”. I thought to myself, Go for it lady.

A therapist came up to me and said that she thinks so much of Al and that all the staff is crazy about him. She and others were going to be his armor and help guard him from people who may upset him. I appreciated this, as I can not be there 24/7.

I took him the little ornament from Hallmark. It is the old-fashioned radio, that as you turn the dial each day, it says little messages upΒ  to Christmas day. He smiled at me and told me thanks.

Most of my visit today was spent in the therapy room. He believes so much that they can help him, and although he is not scheduled for this process any longer, they do not want to burst his bubble.

When it was time for his lunch, I walked with him down to the dining room. I made sure he had his food, and then I told him I would see him the day after today. I said good-bye, and I always say I love you to him. For the very first time, Al smiled up at me, and said I love you too sis. My heart melted, and I smiled all the way out the door.

No one can do so much to me with their hateful words, or bad attitudes, to erase the beautiful moment, that Al gave me. What a wonderful Christmas gift I will always treasure.


41 thoughts on “Al’s Secret Christmas Gift to Me

  1. poor Al, I hope he gets his energy and appetite back by Christmas. Have you planned anything special for this year? I’ve been away from blogging realm for some time now, so I’ll need to catch up with lot of stuff on Al πŸ™‚


    • I keep a mental note on what I hear Al wants for Christmas. He doesn’t ask me for much, so I am trying to buy what he wants. I want him to be happy and at peace on Christmas. I am bringing him home for a visit on Christmas day and the day after Christmas. I am making a lot of goodies, in hopes that he will not be able to resist! No traveling plans, just a nice peaceful day at home with family. What about you? Are you traveling?


      • still amazes me you can keep this up for so long for sake of Al’s happiness. Are your family members still being critical of you over the way you “treat” Al, or has that been resolved yet?
        I think you just summarized how Christmas should be spent; all warm and cozy at home with family. Actually, thats how i’ll be spending my Christmas.


      • I don’t understand family Chris. Ever since I have taken care of my brother, I have had more issues with family. Now in the final stages of PD, family is even more parted. It makes me sick. I know people care about me and what I have gone through, but I can not put my finger on it precisely, but family has changed even more. I worry a little about Christmas, as I want Al’s day to be special and stress free


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