Walking Hand In Hand

Français : Courage

O heavenly father, I want to thank-you

For keeping me safe today

For protecting my soul

From all of harm’s way.

For protecting my heart

Against sorrow and pain

For lifting my spirits

Showing I have much to gain.

Thank-you Lord for giving to me

The courage to stand the courage to be

Whom you have created so very unique

I have learned to you I must seek.

Big bad wolves come in fake colors

Trying to steal this soul you have made

I thank-you Lord, for allowing me to see

That I can shine bright, and just be me.

I am not perfect, and do make mistakes

I can hurt others unintentionally

But I get down on bended knee

Knowing that you will always forgive me.

Thank-you Lord for keeping me strong

To deal with sadness that comes my way

Thank-you for letting me share a piece of my heart

With whom ever comes in my day.

Now the time is coming near

That we celebrate the day you came

You took our sins and wiped them clean

I praise you God, I praise your name.


Terry Shepherd





14 thoughts on “Walking Hand In Hand

      • it definitely was. I wasn’t sure how to tell you, being a guy, how much I loved it without saying something stupid and mushy. hehe. I hope God just realizes I did this not out of duty for Al, but because I love him. I can be a real softie, and a little mushy with my words, but believe me, I loved your remark!!!!!!!


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