I Am Beginning

I went to see Al today, but sadly spent so much time in the office, arguing over his monthly bill,  so I didn’t see that much of him before he retired for his nap. I am going to go and pick him up tomorrow and take him to lunch. He also wants to go to K-Mart, because he saw a commercial stating half-price on hot wheel cars. I have a coupon for bogos, one at Arby’s and the other at Dairy Queen for blizzards, so am hoping for a nice afternoon.

I started buying  my collection of  items needed for Christmas dinner, and got some other things I needed for the make it part of our Christmas. It was a peaceful day. I find these days very nice. I am slowly starting to heal inside. I can see Al and leave now with out crying.

I am beginning to enjoy some time away from the house now. I plan on running errands after seeing Al, and then hibernate inside the house on the days I don’t see him. Time heals, everyone says, and I guess I am living proof of it.

Al is still very quiet. I notice more confusion though. It is sporadic. It never stabilizes so that I can see a routine. I had bought him a Christmas T-shirt. In fact, I bought him two. I marked his name on them, and hung them up in his closet two days ago. I was wearing a duplicate of one I bought him, and he stated, ” I really like that shirt sis.” I said ” Well why don’t you wear yours? I hung it up in your closet.” He replied, ” I haven’t seen it.”

I went to his closet and went through it twice, no shirt. I went to the laundry area and asked the aid if she had it down there. I pointed to my own I was wearing, and said, ” It looks just like this.” She said, ” What does it look like”? I probably had my duh look on then and then she laughed and went to look for it, but came back empty-handed.

I don’t know what to do . Brand new shirt M.I.A. It upsets me because not only did it cost, but he loved the shirt.

When I got home, I could hear this loud chatter like someone was very upset. I got my bags inside and took my camera back out. This is where the chatter was coming from.

squirrelnestnest 2

39 thoughts on “I Am Beginning

  1. i would report it and keep an eye on his other belongings if it is another patient then it will probably be found at some point, i hope he likes the calendar when you get chance to give it to him


    • YOU, young lady are the one I have been watching for!!!! Yes, you!! Reason being,,,,,,I took the calendar in today. He pulls it out of the envelope ever so slowly. I swear on my mother’s grave, I timed him pulling it out, and it took him 45 seconds to remove it. Darn Parkinson’s. Well, anyways, he said, calendar, and I say yes it is. He could not flip the pages, so I did it from beginning to end. Each one brought the biggest smile ever. I wish I would have taken his photo, but didn’t think if it, as I was just getting a high off his smiles. You are so awesome Paula. That gift will keep on giving all year long. I wish I could give you a big old bear hug!!!!!! His room mate can not walk, but I am going to keep my eagle eyes open. I am so afraid an aide might have,”borrowed”? it? I will try to replace it, but someone needs to refund me if it remains hidden.


  2. Terry, I would make an inventory of Al’s things, including his missing clothing, and make a copy to give to them when you file a missing item complaint. Mention that you put his name in the shirts too. Sounds like someone saw they were new and walked off with them. Whoever is running the place needs to take action on this. Who knows what other items have just “walked off” and who may be doing it. Unfortunately there have been many cases of nursing home workers taking advantage of people in nursing homes, and of stealing from them. It only takes one person standing up for their family member for the truth to come out and the “thief” to be known. First make sure that someone didn’t stick it in a drawer instead of back in the closet. I’m glad you are beginning to heal again. You sound more relaxed.


  3. I see you getting better with your “free” time…So glad!…I hate it about the shirt… it happens too often in care facilities…Isn’t it sad!…and so wrong!…Hope they reappear…I made my Mom a Christmas Charlie Brown throw and it was gone the same way…name and all…mkg


  4. Sometimes other patients will take other patient’s things without staff’s knowing….the patient’s really don’t mean harm by it and sometimes honestly think what they are taking belongs to them. Hope you are able to locate it.


  5. So glad you are healing – wonderful. Yes, I know about clothes going missing and strange clothes turning up in Anthony’s wardrobe – part and parcel of the nursing home unfortunately.


  6. I’m so glad to hear that you are healing — and know it.

    I’ve had that experience with my mother’s things when she was in the nursing home. It’s true. Some patients may be confused. I’m wondering if it would be better to store it in a drawer — less visibly obvious. Also, I chose to launder my mother’s things myself. It’s much too easy for confusion to occur in the laundry room.

    I hope to post some photos tomorrow of the fabulous trip to Australia and New Zealand from which I just returned last evening Still “lagging.”


  7. One day at a time, and you are making them count! Good job Terry! I know about the frustration of the shirt, I had gone on a cruise and brought Momma a shirt from Mexico back, she wore it once and it went missing, after 3 days of giving them pure “heck”, the shirt miraculasly showed back up in her closet.


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