I Am Dreaming, Blog of the Year 2012

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This is who nominated me just now for this fine award.

This is what this blog is all about

stick person

treading up grassy hill

first drafts under arm

face sweaty

stick person

wee hours calling

waking before alarm

time to write

by Mary Ann Blinkhorn

What else can I say about me?  I started out with a passion for songwriting that led to words.  Though a late bloomer, I find myself writing every day.  I hope to post my new prose and poetry here regularly along with doodles and bits of photography.  In addition to this–I have become an aspiring screenwriter and I’m putting hundreds of hours into achieving this goal.

Thank-you so much for this award.

Please my friends. I could not leave this page empty without giving thanks to the one who nominated me. None of you have to comment on this. You have all commented to me before.

16 thoughts on “I Am Dreaming, Blog of the Year 2012

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