I Was Freshly Pressed

Freshly Pressed WordPress: My blog

I just wanted to say a big thank-you to all of you bloggers that follow me and comment on my blogs.

I was Freshly Pressed yesterday for the first time. I have been blogging since March 2012.

I will always feel an excitement when I look back on this in my life.

God has surely blessed me with wonderful friends. He urged me to write. He helped me write my first book.

The blog post that helped me reach Freshly Pressed was


I just wanted to share this with all of you!

73 thoughts on “I Was Freshly Pressed

  1. Terry!!! This is awesome news!!! When I first got the update, my initial reaction “HOLY SMACK!! Terry you awesome, awesome woman!!” LOL! Believe it or not, I have very wordy initial reactions. LOL!! Congratulations Terry!!!! <3<3,<3


    • The sadness has been in our home for so long, that news like this brings me back on top of the mountain. With Al being placed, each of us is adjusting to the changes. Al seems to enjoy my visiting him. we are closer now that I am not over looking all of his care alone. God has helped me through all of this, and he has also been of great help achieving this freshly pressed also. thank you for a wonderful comment Lynne


      • Last friend of mine that had her blog freshly pressed, had to get physical therapy for weeks.lol. She did nothing but replies for a whole weekend, fixated infront of her laptop. She blew out her wrist and spent days with a chiropractor.lol. Please take care of yourself and drink plenty of fluid and shake out all your joints every now and then. We love having you as a blogger on a regular basis 🙂


      • Chris, I had a good laugh on that remark. I do understand blowing out the wrist. I have to admit when I retired last evening from the computer, my one wrist was a tad sore. I better get out the Aspercreme, right???? lol


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