I Like Being Older

Children in pretty clothes

you all know how much i love my silver christm...

Manners showing bright

Gathered round the Christmas tree

Staring at the lights.

All of family gathered here

Holding hands for prayer

Dinner served for all who sat

Taking time to eat and going no where.

Presents gathered neath the tree

One for each adult and child

Opening each for all to see

No one was acting wild.

Today is different we can see

English: Christmas Shopping Festival Place.

Money replaces God

Family barely being here

Old fashioned has turned to mod.

Pick up foods already made

Screaming and yelling is what we hear

No time to do what has now come to past

The meaning of Christmas  is now thought of last.

TV commercials promote big gifts

People get but can not pay

Stressed and tired and running on fumes

Oh please let’s get through this day.

We go to grandma’s house to eat

Hurry and gobble down the food

Open our gifts as quick as we can

Hurry and leave this hood.

I am so thankful for my old age

For the memories I hold dear

Of family sitting around the tree

I wish I could turn the clock back as I shed my first tear.

Terry Shepherd






14 thoughts on “I Like Being Older

  1. This is brilliant … just way I’m not fond of Christmas anymore – there is far too many MUSTS – stress for weeks for 2 days holiday. People are paying of Christmas until the next one comes, if they are lucky. Lonely people are getting more lonely, because nobody has time – it’s all about the family .. suddenly. We have to be together, even if we don’t want to.


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