Daily Prompt; Me Time’ The Daily Post

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What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?


I love Saturday mornings! I didn’t used to, but have learned to really appreciate this time of week. Whether it be raining, snowing, or burning hot outside, it is my “me time”. I have no doctor appointments. I do not have to call and make appointments, pay bills, go anywhere.

I may go somewhere but on my time. I get up and shower and start the coffee maker. I eat leisurely, when I feel like it. I hop on my computer and for this time of year, I turn on the Christmas Music station, and let it play gently into my ears.

I can smile as I read through my friends blogs. I can take my time responding by placing words that I want to say. I can go back and reread blogs that touched my heart. I try to clean my house through the week, so I don’t even make my bed on Saturdays.

Wow, this sounds like one selfish girl talking doesn’t it? Me, me, me, all about me. Why not? Why not give myself space just for me. One time per week, just a couple of hours, I won’t answer my phone, unless I see it is family or the nursing facility where my brother is. No getting up to see who is at the door. If it is my family, the grandson will just beat on the door. This is my cue it is family.

I am still in my nightgown. For this morning, after my shower, I have chosen a lovely pink frock of double-knit, knee-length, with Christmas packages adorned on the front. Don’t you wish you were sitting here with me in your frock of comfort with fuzzy  warm slippers just like me? I am eating now. Two eggs and one hash brown, and slowly savoring my cup of Folgers coffee with cream.

Oh my gosh, no wonder I take this time for me! It is most likely as close to heaven as I will get here on earth!!!

Thanks Daily Post for giving me a great prompt!

Thank-you Ivonne

Newtown Traffic

My heart is not as heavy as it was yesterday for these poor babies, but my thoughts have not left them either. Because of this terrible event that has happened, it has forced me to get on bended knee and ask God to forgive me of my sins. I always ask, but this time I asked in the most sincerest heart I own.

My eyes water as I even think about how terrible of a sinner I am. I am so very thankful for a loving God who forgives me for every one of my sins. For a father who loves me no matter what mistakes I make.

Today, I want us all to continue to pray for the families and friends of Newtown. Let us pray for every lost soul and as I was reading a blog from my dear friend Ivonne I wept. It is not because we do not have God in schools, it is because we do not have God in our hearts.

Thank- you Ivonne for showing me that in what I may be saying the real fact is God needs to be in our hearts first, then put him back in schools.

For any of you who do not know or recognize the song I have placed, please listen. For the others who are familiar, please pray as you hear the words to the song I chose for today.