Daily Prompt: Forever Young


If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Head on view of a Rotary Phone


I personally never want to drink of the fountain of youth. I have one life to live, and I should live it to the fullest, but to look young for my entire life is an awkward piece of the puzzle that would never fit. To live beyond my God given time is not an option I want to choose.

We are born with the softest skin. Everyone wants to touch a baby’s skin. We are always amazed at how our skin feels so much softer. As we grow, work and play our skin toughens from the environment. We gain knowledge from our parents, teachers and our own mistakes.

Each of us are amazed at the quick-moving of the electronics, medical break through’s  in life. In my own life span I have been amazed at how I am forced to use body lotions, special soaps and creams to try to recapture the youthful skin I once had.

I am able to look back and see the technology in progress. We had a rotary phone. It was  heavy, ugly, and had a dial on it. Today there are cordless phones, cell phones, phones on computers, Ipods, Ipads. You name it we have it.

When I was a child a doctor made a house call. Yes, really, a doctor brought with him a big black bag and he came to you in your room and checked you out and even carried his medications with him. Today, you can sometimes sit for two hours waiting to see a doctor, and then the visit itself may last five minutes. I can’t even swear if he saw you on the street today he would recognize you. If you have that wonderful doctor today, cherish him.

We are numbers today. We are labeled by social security numbers. Phones are answered by automatic machines. It is very hard to be able to move through the system to actually talk to a live voice.

Families are falling apart. There are many families today being led by one parent. Also children from two prior marriages now live together Marriages are easy to obtain and too easy to tear apart by the judicial systems.

God is being taken out of every public office, schools, and it seeps out of our hearts. The three letters forming the one amazing God are being swept under a rug and stomped on daily.

Wars are an ongoing daily thing. We do not really react like our forefathers when a war comes once again. We have grown to accustomed to it. Finding the truth in our politics today can sometimes be a challenge. We find ourselves feeling out-of-place and at the back of the line as decisions are made for us and not with us.

Why would I want to drink from the fountain of youth? I don’t want to have skin like a baby’s behind when I am actually ninety years old. I don’t want to see how much more we can destroy our own gift of living on this land. I am not saying I am ready to leave my body today or tomorrow, but I am definitely not going to hang on to the slippery pole in order to see God taken out of this space. I want to meet him face to face.

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36 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Forever Young

  1. This is a mighty powerful post, Terry. I have grown up in a culture and a family in which a lot of focus is placed on (dare I say) preservation of youth. The use of day creams, night creams, serums, exfoliators, masks, etc had been encouraged (even coerced) from a tender age — something I have always resented to a certain degree.
    Indeed, I know that this phenomenon is hardly unique to the Chinese, for the western world is subject to the same mindset, and is on the perpetual quest of that elusive elixir of youth.
    So, we end up with what we like to call lifestyle medicine/surgery, such as BOTOX, liposuction, face lift, tummy tuck, etc etc. All so that we may forever look — what — 20?
    But, like you so eloquently say, do we really want to “hang on to the slippery pole in order to see God taken out of this space”? Definitely not.
    Personally, I feel it is infinitely wiser to live a full and fulfilling life, to love and be loved, to do unto others what you want others to do unto you. And be a child of God. And hopefully leave a meaningful legacy at the end of it all, like words of wisdom, compassion and love, for all those who would care to cherish them. You are already building that legacy, Terry, with your words and your character. Keep it up!


    • thanks so much! I admit I don’t want dry scaly wrinkled lines also. I go the cheap way and it works with my fish scales hehe. I learned a few years back from a beautiful actress to rely on nothing but Vaseoline jelly. I wash my face each night and slather it on then go to bed. No more scales, deep lines, and all natural and cheap!!!! Hey, it works! I used to get those red rough blotches in the winter, but no more


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