My Christmas Wish

Christmas at home

My nerves are testy and they should not be

I am trying so hard to keep that smile on me

I am going to visit my brother today

I only hope he is having a good day

Here at home I hear silence and gloom

Hoping   I will see more when I enter his room

My wish for Christmas is that he smiles for me

Let his heart soar and his mouth full of glee

I know he is better and safer too

But the loss that I feel over not having you

Here at home with me makes me sad

I wish I could go back and have what we had

Christmas Day is nearing soon we know

I’m bringing you home in the drifting snow

I yearn for that day to be good for you

That I can spoil you so in all I do

You have come to feel at home in your new place

You have a routine set and you have set a pace

I am happy for you that you feel you fit in

I tried my best but Parkinson’s did win.

Terry Shepherd


33 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish

  1. Whatever happens at this Christmas season or any other time, you have been a faithful sister and done your very best. That’s all we can do for anyone when all is said and done. I hope the next few days bring joy to your home and heart.


  2. Good poem, Terry. I can feel your heart in it. I pray that you will have a wonderful Christmas with Al. And I hope you find him happy today, too.

    Sorry I haven’t been here for awhile. The day after I last posted I couldn’t get on the computer again. My little tactic didn’t work the second time. The tech guy had my computer until Tuesday evening, but I didn’t connect all the cables until yesterday. Then the keyboard wouldn’t word so I couldn’t type anything. I even tried my old keyboard with the same result. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the port. But when I signed in here today, lo and behold! it worked. I have no idea what the problem was, but I hope it is gone for good.


  3. Wonderful poem, about worry – pain – hurt – love – and hopelessness.
    Terry, I really wish I could do something to ease your situations … I wish of all my heart that Christmas will be gentle to both of you.


  4. I’m so sorry. This is so heartbreaking. I wish that Christmas he will smile and remember. That everyone will have that happiness and joy no matter how short it is. To have laughter instead of tears. Christmas is about hope and wishes. I hope and pray happiness fills your home and those you love the most. God bless. Merry Christmas.


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