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English: sumstar ice cream maker single flavor

English: sumstar ice cream maker single flavor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?


I live to eat and eat to live. Being a diabetic is not fun at all. While I crave everything I shouldn’t have, just like a child, I also have to eat because I take oral medications.

Do you know what it is like to not be hungry but you have to eat because you just popped those pills down your throat? Most diabetic pills need food to force the medications to work. I am lucky so far that I am on oral medications and not on insulin.

When my father was dying he had to take steroid pills. The side-effect was very high sugar numbers. Three times a day I had to give him insulin injections because his sugar numbers were in the 800’s. This is very dangerous if left alone to venture its way into your body. It can damage so many of your nerve endings.

I never have had my sugars that high, but I do have the nerve damage in my feet. I can’t stand walking or standing very long, because my feet become a roaring fire at a camping site. Oh it hurts so bad. You just want to soak your feet in ice but that would make them burn worse. When my feet get cold in the winter, i have more trouble with burning pain.

If I could go anywhere and get a meal that I absolutely love, I would travel the hundreds of miles and go back to Florida. I would drive as quickly as I could, racing to the restaurant I loved while living there called Tomatoes.

I loved this place. To me, being a diabetic, it was heaven, or the next best thing. It was a cute mid-size establishment. The walls were decorated so homey. No matter where you looked, all you saw was brilliant colors of greens, oranges and reds. Tomatoes is a pasta and salad buffet restaurant.

You can have as many salads, fixed a variety of ways. It is your choice to adorn the lettuce the way you wish. They even have two types of lettuce to  pick from. After you pigged out, you could even have a bite of dessert! There was no choosing on desserts actually. There is one ice-cream machine, and guess what! Out of its spicket comes nice thick sugar-free ice-cream.

Now is that heaven or not? Stuff yourself silly, add a slice of bread or any multiple carbs they offer and even get zero calorie dessert. I sure wish they had one of these restaurants here! All we mainly have in my town are drive-thru and then we have an AppleBees, Golden Corral and a Bennigans. Plan to take a few extra dollars for these dining facilities.

Aww, my mouth is watering right now imagining myself walking the black and white checkered floors, filling my plate and sitting in my favorite booth. I would tuck my napkin in, because I only slop food when I am out in public, lol, and I would say grace and dig in!

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Live to Eat/ Daily Post

  1. That sounds like a perfect place to eat…healthful salads followed by decadent dessert! We love good ice cream here, would rather have a tiny bit of the good stuff than a lot of the diet stuff. A few years ago my husband got a little crazy and bought a commercial (small) ice cream maker on line. He had looked at the ingredients of the “healthy” ice cream I had bought, and was disgusted. The first few days we ate ice cream every single day! But once we realized it was always available, we slowed down. We never buy ice cream anymore because the taste just can’t touch homemade. But, funny, we rarely make it either. So having an ice cream maker helped us lose weight. 🙂


  2. How far I would travel to get a good meal … ??? Not very far – because I think a good meal can be just everything – it can just be a hamburger when I really crave for that. When our heart and soul are at the table … it will be a great meal – where ever we are.


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