FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt

http://kellieelmore.com/2012/12/21/fwf-free-write-friday-image-prompt-3/free-write-friday-writing-prompt bird in winter


Christmas is coming. Lots of presents, sparkly tree ordained in lights. Laughter and family joined together for this one day of the year.

Children filled to the brim with excitement. Scampering around the house, jumping like jack rabbits. Waiting to open their gifts, that have carefully been picked out by loving family.

Food nestled all over the kitchen. Filling to the edges of the delicate white table-cloth. Desserts piled high on the kitchen counters, whispering, try me, I will delight you with flavor.

The house is bursting at the seams. Portable tables and folding chairs await the presence of each child. While adults will sit at the big table sipping on red wine, children will be drinking red punch to celebrate the day.

All gather near and Grandpa taps on his crystal stemmed goblet, gaining everyone’s attention. The room becomes hushed as the prayer is spoken, sending it to God, letting him know of their gratefulness.

As a bystander, standing on the sidewalk, peeking through the lace trimmed windows, I envy the scenes of this movie. I used to have the same movie clip. I have wonderful memories that I relive each holiday. Now my family is deceased and I thank God I am still able to think clearly at my age, and remember those gone ahead of me.

I think that I will leave this family to celebrate their day and make my way to the bird sitting on the fence post. He sort of reminds me of myself. He looks lonely and yet content with who he is. He hides his tiny face in the protection of his own soul. He doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s day by showing his own sadness. He misses his own flock as I miss mine. Maybe he is giving thanks as the family in the window is. Maybe he is saying thank-you for all that he has loved and shared in his own life. Maybe he is like me, young enough to still remember what we both once had, and yet trying to find the joy one more time on this beautiful holiday. As the snow flakes fall gently covering us with love, may we each find our own blessings in yet another Christmas holiday. God bless everyone and have a Merry Christmas!

25 thoughts on “FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt

  1. I wish I could “sit on the fence” with you someday, and we’ll start a new flock. No one’s ever alone when you’re loved, or have love in your heart. With that, I leave you a quote from D.H.L. –
    “I never saw a wild thing
    sorry for itself.
    A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
    without ever having felt sorry for itself.”


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      • It is very difficult this time of year to not have loved ones close, I understand that and it is such a sad time when we are missing them so badly. I hope that you will forgive my flippant answer before, though true I didn’t realize how uncompassionate it was until I re-read it. Love and hugs ((xx))


      • don’t you apologize at all. sometimes i need to be reminded that there are many worse off than I. There are parts of me that will be glad when Christmas is over, but I pray for an inner peace to be brought to my brother as he suffers through this Parkinson’s. He can barely walk any longer and he is just slipping a way from me. It is ripping my heart apart.


      • Oh honey I am so sorry that is such a horrible disease, and I am so sorry both of you are going through this separated. I remember not being able to be with my daddy when he went, they called and I had to give permission for them to take him off lifwe support and it was one of the worst things I ever had to do but now I know he is in a better place with no pain nor suffering, I miss him everyday. so if there is anyway at all to be with your brother through face book or other social media or telephone whatever please do so, and remember the good memories share them it will make you both feel better. God bless You dear Terry I will pray for you and your brother. Love and hugs ((xx))


      • fortunately Al, my brother is here in town, so I go every other day. I was taking him out once a week for lunch, but it is too cold to risk it now. Tomorrow I am going to take him lunch before I start baking again. We had to let our mother off of life support. It was terrible. I felt like I played a part in her murder for a long time. I took care of our daddy until he died. He died in my arms. A week after we buried him, my brother who is mentally challenged had a heart attack and then got Parkinson’s. I have been taking care of him for five years, and have just placed him a month ago. I think I am still in mourning from him not being here. All of you help me so much on WP. I really appreciate your support


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