Loving Family

Kids are running through the house

An unsheared Christmas tree in New York State ...

Scaring the crap out of every mouse

Dad is trying to figure out games

All kids know parents are so lame

Mom is in the kitchen at work

Screaming and calling everyone a jerk

The cookies had burnt oh so bad

She opened the door and threw out what she had

I noticed some dough on top of her nose

I tried wiping it off but this was definitely a no go

I asked if I could help her in some small way

She laughed in my face saying that will be the day

She went to the fridge and took out her wine

She looked at me and ask do you have a dime

I will flip to see who’s gonna cook tonight

It better not be me or I’ll start a fight

I walked over and gave her a smile

Hoping she would leave me alone for a while

I looked all around at the mess she had made

I think it was time for me to quickly fade

She started to cry saying she’d made such a mess

She gave it her all she had given her best

I called out to the kids get your coats and your gear

I smiled at the wife as I patted her rear

We are going out to eat, we’re treating mom

Hang a sign on the door and tell them we will be gone

No parties no company no one to impress

We will stay home and make our own little mess

We will stop at the store and buy ready-made food

Give the kids their gifts cuz they all been real good

We will cuddle on the couch together you and me

And gaze at the lights on our pretty Christmas tree

Terry Shepherd



9 thoughts on “Loving Family

  1. Sadly this is the truth for far too many families … not only over Christmas .. every day, but I think that it happens even more often because of the stress and worries Christmas brings us … lack of money, jobs …. proper housing and drinking. Great telling again.


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