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Christmas is coming. Lots of presents, sparkly tree ordained in lights. Laughter and family joined together for this one day of the year.

Children filled to the brim with excitement. Scampering around the house, jumping like jack rabbits. Waiting to open their gifts, that have carefully been picked out by loving family.

Food nestled all over the kitchen. Filling to the edges of the delicate white table-cloth. Desserts piled high on the kitchen counters, whispering, try me, I will delight you with flavor.

The house is bursting at the seams. Portable tables and folding chairs await the presence of each child. While adults will sit at the big table sipping on red wine, children will be drinking red punch to celebrate the day.

All gather near and Grandpa taps on his crystal stemmed goblet, gaining everyone’s attention. The room becomes hushed as the prayer is spoken, sending it to God, letting him know of their gratefulness.

As a bystander, standing on the sidewalk, peeking through the lace trimmed windows, I envy the scenes of this movie. I used to have the same movie clip. I have wonderful memories that I relive each holiday. Now my family is deceased and I thank God I am still able to think clearly at my age, and remember those gone ahead of me.

I think that I will leave this family to celebrate their day and make my way to the bird sitting on the fence post. He sort of reminds me of myself. He looks lonely and yet content with who he is. He hides his tiny face in the protection of his own soul. He doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s day by showing his own sadness. He misses his own flock as I miss mine. Maybe he is giving thanks as the family in the window is. Maybe he is saying thank-you for all that he has loved and shared in his own life. Maybe he is like me, young enough to still remember what we both once had, and yet trying to find the joy one more time on this beautiful holiday. As the snow flakes fall gently covering us with love, may we each find our own blessings in yet another Christmas holiday. God bless everyone and have a Merry Christmas!

Daily Prompt; Live to Eat/ Daily Post

English: sumstar ice cream maker single flavor

English: sumstar ice cream maker single flavor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?


I live to eat and eat to live. Being a diabetic is not fun at all. While I crave everything I shouldn’t have, just like a child, I also have to eat because I take oral medications.

Do you know what it is like to not be hungry but you have to eat because you just popped those pills down your throat? Most diabetic pills need food to force the medications to work. I am lucky so far that I am on oral medications and not on insulin.

When my father was dying he had to take steroid pills. The side-effect was very high sugar numbers. Three times a day I had to give him insulin injections because his sugar numbers were in the 800’s. This is very dangerous if left alone to venture its way into your body. It can damage so many of your nerve endings.

I never have had my sugars that high, but I do have the nerve damage in my feet. I can’t stand walking or standing very long, because my feet become a roaring fire at a camping site. Oh it hurts so bad. You just want to soak your feet in ice but that would make them burn worse. When my feet get cold in the winter, i have more trouble with burning pain.

If I could go anywhere and get a meal that I absolutely love, I would travel the hundreds of miles and go back to Florida. I would drive as quickly as I could, racing to the restaurant I loved while living there called Tomatoes.

I loved this place. To me, being a diabetic, it was heaven, or the next best thing. It was a cute mid-size establishment. The walls were decorated so homey. No matter where you looked, all you saw was brilliant colors of greens, oranges and reds. Tomatoes is a pasta and salad buffet restaurant.

You can have as many salads, fixed a variety of ways. It is your choice to adorn the lettuce the way you wish. They even have two types of lettuce to  pick from. After you pigged out, you could even have a bite of dessert! There was no choosing on desserts actually. There is one ice-cream machine, and guess what! Out of its spicket comes nice thick sugar-free ice-cream.

Now is that heaven or not? Stuff yourself silly, add a slice of bread or any multiple carbs they offer and even get zero calorie dessert. I sure wish they had one of these restaurants here! All we mainly have in my town are drive-thru and then we have an AppleBees, Golden Corral and a Bennigans. Plan to take a few extra dollars for these dining facilities.

Aww, my mouth is watering right now imagining myself walking the black and white checkered floors, filling my plate and sitting in my favorite booth. I would tuck my napkin in, because I only slop food when I am out in public, lol, and I would say grace and dig in!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


This beautiful blogger has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.very-inspiring-blogger-award

Here is what Tazein is all about.

My name is Tazein Mirza Saad.I am among you,  you know me,we all exist together on this planet!! My story is a very painful chapter in my life- finally, after struggling for 20 years, God came for me!!With Him at my side, every last trace of  fear left me and I started my journey as a writer!! I am blessed by you all, dear readers, who identify with my feelings,God bless every one!Hold my hand, dear readers, as we aim to find the most important thing in life- ourselves- find your self- every thing will fall in place.If you are suffering and alone, no one is helping you,reflect upon this fact:God loves you a lot,He is testing your faith in Him,He knows you can handle it!!Pain is the best teacher of all- something inside us changes for ever, we become stronger- our spirit shines!May we all gain Wisdom in this journey of life!!We will experience true bliss, contentment and happiness along the way!!Get, set, go!!

Thank-you so much for this beautiful nomination and award.

I am to say seven things about myself.

1. I hate being cold. On this terribly blustery day I wish I was a bear hibernating somewhere.

2. I ask all to pray that my brother enjoys his visit here at home for Christmas

3. When the first of the year arrives, I am going to look at it as new and try to move forth in my life, if the snow allows me to drive

4. I am about half-way done editing my first book.

5. I have begun writing my second book

6. I have to read the instructions on what day to set my turkey in the refrigerator to thaw it out. You would think I would know it by heart at my age.

7. I have to have my blood drawn the day after Christmas for my diabetic check-up. I think this is terrible, the day after? How am I going to eat and enjoy the day?

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