Super Sweet Blogging Award

Ivonne nominated me for this cute award. Look at the picture. Isn’t it just so edible?super-sweet-blogging-award21

Here is a bit of information about Ivonne. She is so bubbly and full of life. I love reading her blogs and chatting with her.

Who am I? Hmnn….that is a question that I am always asking myself and that is always evolving and changing.

I have been a professional actress since the age of 17.

I have been clowning around and doing children’s entertainment since the age of 19, my “day job” so to speak.

I am currently getting receieved my M.A. degree in religious studies from CSULB in May 2011.

I decided that at the age of 50 I would start learning how to play the piano and guitar.

My passions are sex-religion-chocolate-the arts- travel and my dog Missy.  And now we will add music to that list.  Actually music should have always been there as I am a dancer and a dancer must have music.

This blog is where you will find pieces of my soul, my heart, my mind and hopefully my humor……

The questions I’m to answer:

Give credit to the person who chose to nominate you:  Ivonne

Answer the super sweet questions.

  1. Cookies or Cake? cake any day and make it sugar free chocolate with sugar free chocolate frosting, and then put it in cupcake form so I only eat one at a time hehe
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
  3. Favorite sweet treat?  milk chocolate
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? sweet things remain in my mind at any time
  5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  sweet peach

The final requirement for receiving the Super Sweet Blogging Award is to name a baker’s dozen (13) of my favorite bloggers.

Thomas Ross



I Bowed #FWF « Inspiration Import…





1EarthUnited x



Tilly Bud – The Laughing Housewife




23 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogging Award

  1. Did I just lose the comment I left? Sigh. Terry, I am so grateful for this nomination. Grateful, I think I said beyond cakes and cupboards and my all-time favorite COOKIES. (Cookie monster here) You definitely deserve such a sweet award as I love all your sweet stories. I also wrote my blog address at writersite[dot]org because what is above is just my email. I am wishing you very blessed holidays, Terry.


  2. Thank you Terry! You’re very deserving of the award! With just how you take care of your brother, sweet, neither very sweet wouldn’t be enough to describe your heroic efforts, Terry! I bow my head to you! God bless you, and of course, Al too!


    • it is so wonderful to be able to chat with you again. I know……I sound like a broken record. Thank you for such a wonderful comment my friend. Al would love to hear from you. He always talks about his shirt. If you ever wish to send him a card, email me and I will give u the address



  4. Terry,

    When I began writing the blog about eight months ago, I never, ever, imagined the beautiful and supportive people I would connect with through my work and theirs. You are so kind- and such a gifted writer. Your range of work is amazing- postings that are sweet and tender, then sad and bereft.

    Thanks so much for the nomination.

    You are a sweet peach.



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