Picture it & Write/Ermiliablog


broken lady









Dressed in white

Pure as gold

Waiting for him

His hand to hold.

Chairs are placed

Filled up with people

Music playing in the background

People gazing all around.

Flowers scented the air

Petals lying on the floor

Minister standing in front to see

Family is wondering what has happened to me.

Vows were practiced

Rehearsals were done

Wedding party standing in place

Tears are streaming down her face.

The groomsmen were nowhere to be seen

The spot where he should stand  now empty air

She had been stood up by the groom who had nothing to say

The marriage unspoken, the two parted ways.

27 thoughts on “Picture it & Write/Ermiliablog

  1. Would it be alright to use this contribution instead of the one currently submitted for consideration? We aren’t posting the images in the publication and this one stands by itself better.


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