25 thoughts on “NO WORDS

  1. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I like the one of the kid memorized by the TV with all the gifts mostly unwrapped beside him and the rest of the gathering somewhere behind him. My own nieces were like that at Christmas too, all lost in their own little worlds of electronic entertainment. In my day, we had BOOKS to ignore the adults. (LoL) 😛


    • I can relate to this. I would take my brand new baby doll I got for Christmas to grandma’s house and ignore everyone, playing with the baby that I loved instantly. oh those wonderful memories. now it is all about electronics, and I know very little about them, except how to use my cell phone. hehe thank u for a wonderful comment my friend


  2. Great pictures! It looks like a good day. My favorite present that I see would have been the big box of cheez its!! 😀 LOL Next to cookies they are my favorites. {yes I know it was not full of cheez its, but that would make a good gift!}


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