Blog of The Year Award

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you…

Stories… Long I had thought what they real mean.

Are they certainly good…Or indeed bad?

Are they certainly true or an insane work of fiction?

We might have come across tragic stories of heroes, star crossed lovers or the high fantasy mythical ones… But for every tragic story, there are always few pushing the limits and boundaries to keep us happy and remind us that no matter how difficult the path we take, no matter how badly we might have screwed up, the end is always a happy one where everyone’s happy, live and kicking where some bring the enduring smile… some bring overwhelming tears and for some sporadic heartache…

This blog is my take on life, the amazing journeys through time, our fabulous societies and last but not the least… A comprehensive journey through time… My Unsettled Mind…

Ganesh has awarded me with this outstanding award. Ganesh is a brand new follower for me. I wanted to share some information about this blogger as I have put it above for you to read.

Thank-you again Ganesh for a wonderful and exciting award!