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Franz Kafka said, “we ought to read only books that bite and sting us.” What’s the last thing you read that bit and stung you?


I have to confess, I used to be a huge reader, but for a few years now I don’t read that much. It isn’t that I don’t want to, it is that I can not concentrate. I have read a few books that were recommended by friends, and I enjoyed them very much. I would rather talk about the biggest book of all next in line to the Bible.

The book of my life. This is a huge book that has many chapters. It holds love, hurt, learning, disappointments, laughter and sorrow. I  have been writing in this book for 58 years.

There are chapters that have bit and stung me real good. An example would be when my best g/f went after my now ex-husband. Talk about a big bite in the rear end! It did sting real bad for a long time.

Another time I can remember being stung pretty hard and deep, is when the doctor’s office called me many years ago, and asked me to come in right away. I should have ignored the words right away. Hearing the devastating words that my two-year old had bone cancer was definitely a big bite to our family home.

Then came the double stings that bite so big you really never get over or through the pain. This was when I lost both of my parents to illness. Talk about a bite and sting  bigger than a venomous snake!

The last sting came when I was told that Al had Parkinson’s Disease. This stinger is still in my heart. It pierces a little poison every now and then, forcing me to realize that I can do nothing more than give what God gave me, love. Love is the biggest medicine on this earth. It is free to anyone, and most accept it. Love is what I give to Al as I visit him and comfort him. The bite has been forgotten, but the sting still remains as I sit side by side with my brother waiting out this terrible game of pain.

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; That Stings / The Daily Post

  1. As I was preparing to go to a funeral of a loved one today, this little ping came up on my site. Terry, I feel the need to say that, yes, this life bites & stings – but that’s because we’ve been given the gift to draw close enough to others to care about them (which leaves us vulnerable, yes). But that’s just a tiny sample of the love that is offered to us from the One who wanted to draw close to us, despite the personal cost of vulnerability by giving us ‘free will’ that ultimately creates a broken world. I remain hopeful that all my losses will one day become great eternal gains. Grace & peace to you in this current struggle of sadness. Don’t lose hope – keep reading the good news. -j


    • if it were not for God, I would have given up many years ago. he is the reason I am who I am today, but I let my heart in the open maybe too often? not sure, but I will always carry hope. I am so sorry about the funeral you have to attend. sorry for your loss. Thank you for stopping here and chatting with me. I really enjoyed it!


  2. Terry, I haven’t been around much this week, dealing with some stings of my own here. So your beautiful and bittersweet words definitely struck a chord with me. Especially the ongoing hurt felt by you and Al. Is there nothing they can do for his pain? I am sure he has tried all the medicines, but even accupuncture may help give some relief. I know that CNS pain is the worst 😦
    Sending hugs, Melanie


    • Hi Melanie. I have thought about you and how you are doing. Unfortunately Al is a little at a stand still now. He is on some very strong pain medications, low doses. If they up the strength, there is a good possibility that it could place Al in a wheel chair more than he is. He may not be as stable on his feet. Accupuncture is something that is not paid for by his insurance. Hoping all is going to be better in your life, hugs, Terry


  3. Love you and the book that you keep writing in .. .and God keeps writing in too .. .your life. You have gone through so much, yet still smile and love and share hope and encouragement. You are such a witness! God bless you!


  4. Good post, Terry. Yes, our lives are a book like no other. And nothing stings like the stabs we get throughout our lives. But when we have the Lord, and the greatest book, the Bible, to model our lives on, we know we have victory over the deepest wounds and that we have healing in Jesus. We can also access His joy through every trial. Life is hard, but the lessons we learn prepare us for the future and make us more like Jesus. When we stand before Him, I’m sure we will be able to say, even if we can’t always now, it was worth it all.


    • that is my goal Diane. to live for what makes God pleased and to someday see him. He placed us here for a reason, and I hope to have good chapters in my book of life. thanks for the great comment. I love having you for a friend!


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