The Rose

Big Rose

To my brother whom I love so dear

I know you are there and I am here

My thoughts are with you every day

As we walk together and separate ways

I know that you are dealing with all of this

While I am still dealing with hit and miss

Tonight is New Year‘s Eve, and I am thinking of you

I hope you are happy and not too blue

My thoughts and prayers are all for you

As we gather close and pray for all new

I will be always be near you and by your side

As you go through this illness that will not hide

Don’t ever feel alone dear brother

Walking beside you is your loving mother

I ask our God to heal you in this new year

I ask that he also whisper in your ear

And tell you that he and I love  you so

I will leave the Rose,  so you will always know

Love you brother

Terry Shepherd



Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Apple pie & Napalm has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogging Award.very-inspiring-blogger-award

Here is a little bit about this blogger.

Who I am

Frankly, I can’t answer that, but it’s why I’m here.

I turned a year older this year, an amazing little thing that occurs when you have a birthday. We all have things that we dislike about ourselves and I don’t want to fix the things that I don’t like about myself. I’m not sure that is a realistic goal for anyone. But I do want to learn about all of my layers and I want to understand what makes me who and what I am. And like many of you, I have things that I want to work through.

We each have a choice to embrace who are or walk the journey to finding out what shapes who we are. Good, bad, ugly, dark, treacherous, dangerous, good, enlightening, faults, flaws, warts and all, I’m taking the next year to make the discovery.

I read that fellow bloggers like bullet points. I think it defeats the purpose because I would like to think that you finding my blog interesting and well rounded enough on its own merits without needing bullet points. But here are a few:

  • I’m scared of clowns
  • I like music
  • I love sports
  • I feel like an old lady
  • I love old movies and animals, but one isn’t contingent on the other

So I hope you want to stay in touch with me.

Thank you so much for this award my new friend!