7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Tragedy in 2012, Let us Go Into The New Year With New Hope

    • oh that makes me so happy that you shared it. I would hope that all remember this but yet hope for the future to have less shootings. please let us bring God back into the schools is my cry to the world


  1. Terry, there was … a lot more sad things happening in the world – then this shooting – I think we have to give them a thought too. Children has been murdered in Palestine and Afghanistan – a young women was raped and killed in India … but as you time to move on.


      • Only, Terry … that the rest of the world … look at US and we all think that US are only concerned about what is happening in USA and that can get up our nose at times.
        I understand that you’re a massive country and there is so much going on in every state … bad or good. But sometime I think we have to remind US that – USA isn’t the world – even if US are the powerful country maybe – but and good things happen all over the world – and we have to take them into consideration too and sometimes we have to take their side too …


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