The Rose

Big Rose

To my brother whom I love so dear

I know you are there and I am here

My thoughts are with you every day

As we walk together and separate ways

I know that you are dealing with all of this

While I am still dealing with hit and miss

Tonight is New Year‘s Eve, and I am thinking of you

I hope you are happy and not too blue

My thoughts and prayers are all for you

As we gather close and pray for all new

I will be always be near you and by your side

As you go through this illness that will not hide

Don’t ever feel alone dear brother

Walking beside you is your loving mother

I ask our God to heal you in this new year

I ask that he also whisper in your ear

And tell you that he and I love  you so

I will leave the Rose,  so you will always know

Love you brother

Terry Shepherd



27 thoughts on “The Rose

    • Thank you so much Ute. I really miss him tonight. I am so used to him living here with me and us being together for all the holidays. I would always make him some special treat for this night of celebrating……………………….I hate his Parkinson’s and what it is doing to him


  1. It’s one of my favourite songs — I learnt it when I was learning English as I loved the lyrics so much. Thank you for sharing this song, so poignant, at the end of the year (here 5 minutes to the new year).

    It’s a song that warms my heart, and make me think about love and relationship.

    It’s simply a beautiful poem.

    Thank you Terry. All the best to you all for the new year, with love, and strength.


    • It is a beautiful song. I posted it because I miss my brother being here tonight. I had to place him in a nursing home two months ago because he has Parkinson’s Disease. i really miss him


    • I am dealing with so much guilt now over not being there. I was going to go today and then I saw he had Bingo this morning which he never misses, and this afternoon he had a faculty new year’s eve party. I thought with all of that I would not go. I called and asked him if I could wait until Wednesday, because I have a doctor’s appointment and will have to get out. There is ice and snow on the ground and it is to be very very cold the next few days, but I feel guilty as all get out because I have not been there since Saturday. So Sun Mon and Tues I won’t b there


    • not until i just looked at. my brother has no interest in music what so ever. I have tried different types including soothing. he just tunes it out. if it isn’t coca cola or sports he isn’t there. i think it is partly due to his mentality, and not being able to change


      • Fair enough, I had to think of you when I stumbled on it. He has a fav which is sport and that I think is good , his interest there. that will keep him going and he can enjoy it! 🙂


      • I always want to hear what you have to say. I am open to new ideas that will make Al feel better. Never keep your ideas silent from me!
        Happy New Year my dear friend, Ute!


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