Hanging In or Hanging Out

Day 135 Cough cough

No I am not dead

I have it in the head

With eye infection still

Some bronchitis against my will

I coughed all of last night

This morning I looked a fright

I have had many well wishes

You all are perfect dishes

I am sorry I have not replied

When I sit up I feel like I have died

It has been a whole hour

The cough has not had the power

I think this is really good

I may soon be out of the woods

Terry Shepherd



My Absence

Original caption: I had a cold for the last co...

Please forgive me for not being here

I am sick and could use some cheer

Cough and cough and runny eyes

The kleenex in the basket is starting to rise

My head hurts and so does my ears

Too much coughing going on here

I go to the doctor tomorrow at noon

I hope to be better real real soon

Daily Prompt; Through the Window/ The Daily Post

Picnic table


Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

The big picture is gray. The only colors I see are the house colors and green grass. Many bare trees with fingers stretching, trying to locate their lost leaves. There is another color I can add, black. The tree trunks are very black from the rain we have had the past two days.

When I look closer in distance I see a black squirrel. He is waiting for me to throw him his peanuts. I will be leaving soon so I will do it then. I am sure he will still be close by. My home is the color of the skies, gray. They are a very close match today.

There is a fire pit that sits alone with ashes from last fall. It looks cold with its neutral colors of bricks surrounding it. I can see in my memories people standing around it laughing and talking. These are some of my best memories since I have moved in here.

There is a swing where my brother used to sit. Now it is still and empty. If I listen very close I can hear it calling to me. Soon it will be spring. You will be able to come join me. You can look up at the white puff clouds and swing relaxing the mind.

There is a nice picnic table that holds six to eight people. Now it is wet and shiny from the rain. No one is visiting. There are no foods or drinks with a pretty red table-cloth laying on top of the table.

The world looks baron but soon enough it will be once again filled with laughter and love, drinks and food and the lazy days of summer.