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Deutsch: Erbeerlikör

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?


Where was I last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Well, you see this picture beneath? This is where I was. I was being fat and sassy in my own comfort  of the bedroom. I had taken my bath and glossed my hair.  I was cuddling in  soft materials, nuzzled on top of a feather topper.

The only fireworks that were going on were outside my home. Others wanted to hoop it up in the freezing cold, but not I. Was I drinking it up? Did I look like I was having an early hangover? Nope, not at all. I don’t believe in making myself crazy.  I am already that without the drink. I guess that explains why I have nine lives and you don’t.

I had my special treat. A bowl  of milk and some bite-size snippets. My master turned her  favorite programs on. Before I tell you the name of the station she watches, I have to remind you that part of her  mind never caught up with time frame we are in now. She is  still partially stuck in reverse in the eighties. She watches TV Land, yes, you understood me. That show that plays all the oldies before I was born?

Her  favorite programs are on Nick-At-Nite. King of Queens, Happily Divorced, Golden Girls. You get the drift don’t you? Well  personally, I would rather be watching the cartoon Tom and Jerry, but I humor the owner of this den, because she feeds me good.

I’m  sure she won’t be  smacking you with the baseball bat hiding behind the door if you did go out and party. If you drank, I hope you drank responsibly. If you left in a car, I hope that a good friend drove you home. If you woke up in a strange bed, I will pray for you! LOL.

I didn’t even watch the big ball drop. I am a real dud, right? Boring boring, but I was safe, happy, content and comfy. What else could I possibly want or need? Well maybe someone to rub my belly. Scratch behind my ears, and how about throwing me an extra tuna treat for heaven’s sakes! I see you heading for the fridge again!

After Dorothy's departure, Blanche, Rose and S...

Fireworks on New Years Eve 2009

Pearl Laying on Bed

32 thoughts on “Daily Post;Stroke of Midnight/ Daily Post

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  2. Love it, Terry. Your humor shines through every paragraph. As for me, I was in bed with the lights out about 15 minutes before midnight. I did hear someone outside shouting words I could not distinguish, and I think there was one very short round of fireworks (it’s illegal here except from dusk to 11:00 pm on the Monday of Victoria Day weekend (the closest Monday before May 24) and July 1, Canada Day (this holiday falls on the exact day) but many people ignore this bylaw and no one seems to report them. I hope you were as relaxed and cozy as that cat looks. I know I was.


  3. Happy New Year Terry.

    I was one who didn’t wake in my own bed so please pray for me. Don’t worry though, it was only because Hubby was so poorly (and moany) and kept grouching in his sleep. I decided the sofa was preferable (first time ever!) I’ve given him the seasonal bug and he’s SO grumpy.

    we missed the party we were supposed to attend, due to illness and instead I hunkered down with the kids to watch a children’s movie – it was great, so much better than partying – I must be getting so old.


    • I know you well enough by now to know if you were not in your bed, there was good reason! and there is, a sick hubby. Maybe it was meant to be. if you would have gone out, something may have happened. God may have used the illness to actually protect you


  4. At the stroke of midnight I was curled up watching a ‘Breaking Bad’ marathon. And yes, that was exactly where I wanted to be…lol Happy New Year and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and ‘liking’ my post.


    • hi there Hotflashez!! so nice to meet you! I was also curled up in bed watching television. i didn’t watch the ball fall though, stuck to my fav shows. stop by anytime and chat!!


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