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What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?




What is the 11th item on your bucket list, I am thinking. Geesh, at my age, can I have 11 things on a bucket list that I want to yet do? Maybe, I guess to be truthful, I don’t make


Deutsch: Morgan Freeman bei der deutschen Film...

Deutsch: Morgan Freeman bei der deutschen Filmpremiere The Bucket List, Berlin, 21. Januar 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


goals so far ahead any longer. I try to make it through the day. Think of the week ahead. Mainly at Thanksgiving and Christmas, do I ponder on the months instead of the days.




What are some things that I wish I could or will try to do before I lay my head down to rest for the final time.




I am going to start with the number one item and work my way down the list.




1. Keep God close to me




2. Find a job, hopefully a caregiver job




3. Be able to continue to pay my bills as they come in




4. Continue to go see Al and keep working at helping him to smile




5. Lose the sadness




6. Love the getting fit class and walk the track




7. Meet a special someone who respects and understands me




8 Finish editing my first book and get it out there




9. Keep my blogging going and meet more wonderful people




10. Finish my second book I have started writing




11. Form some type of group that reaches out to the lonely




These sound pretty selfish only thinking of myself. There are many things that I wish to happen before I pass on. This prompt was about me, so I concentrated on me only.






31 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Kick It/ The Daily Post

    • thank you so much Bridges!!!!! It makes you think doesn’t it……what we want while we are still walking . lol I guess I still have a few goals left to complete and I bet you found a couple too


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  2. I didn’t read all the comments yet…still bleary this morning. Am I the first to say I think you’ve already done #11 by creating this site where we all feel comfortable sharing our thoughts. so your list is Not just about you….no surprise there.


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  4. That sounds like a very worthy bucket list to me but looks like it should serve you well, thank you for sharing.

    My bucket list we hurriedly made as I’m 75 and checkout time has entered my mind now and then.M number 11 bucket list was moving into the Old Folks Home, I decided I do not want to do that one.
    Best wishes to you with your blogging and your writing.


    • Today, 75 is young compared to 25 years ago. I am a senior also, and I hate it that I am afraid of death. We know we come into this world and we have to exit. It is what we do on between these two dates that matter. Tell me something? Did you enjoy your life?


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