Update on Exercise Class and Walking Track

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Well catching up here with you about my exercise class and walking. I did go, yeah! I went in and paid my dollar for my class. I borrowed a locker key and they held my purse as ransom.lol

I put my coat and boots in the locker and put my clean dry shoes on and walked to the room that the class was to be held at. There was one lady there. She was much older than I. Completely white-haired. I asked her if this was the right room and she said yes. She told me that they usually walk the track for about fifteen minutes, so I went to the track. It isn’t a big track. It takes 19 laps to make one mile. I walked three times around it then saw others were going into the class.

I found two, three pound weights and grabbed those along with a stretch band. Eventually about 9 people were seated. One man, and the rest ladies. The man was white-haired also with a long white beard. He was 85 years old and had, you will never believe this, he had Parkinson’s!

I was the baby of the class. The only one with any color in my hair, of course the secret is hair dye! I looked around and felt a little uncomfortable being so much younger, but stayed. A hottie guy came in. He was somewhere in his twenties. He was the teacher. He spent about ten minutes chatting about New Years and such. Then we got down to the hard work.

I had worn my spandex pants with a spandex top and a T-shirt over it. I was ready to sweat it out, but it never happened. We mainly sat on straight chairs and did stretches. We used the weights maybe twice. We used the stretch bands about five minutes. There was no music and it was very quiet in the room.

I asked why there was no music and he asked,”Why should there be”? I explained that when I was in Florida I belonged to a senior fitness group. We did mat exercises and foot movements and light aerobics to some hip hop music. It was up beat and really got us all going. He said, “oh, isn’t my voice enough”? I didn’t say anything more.

Inside I was thinking,this isn’t going to work. This class is not for me. They don’t do enough because I am not even breaking a sweat. You get what you pay for, a dollar for class, a dollar’s worth of stretches. I think I expected more.

When the class was about over he had us walk three more laps. All together I walked six laps, so what is that? Six out of nineteen makes a mile. Maybe I walked a third mile? After class I spoke to the director about a harder class. The next class level up was 30.00 more, so I would have to pay 50 a month and I just can’t afford that.

I left the building wondering if I should go back next Tuesday. This class is on Tues and Thurs. I stopped at the pharmacy and got my medications and then came home. After I was home about an hour, I thought, I wonder if the little bit I did helped my sugar numbers at all. What the heck, I will check them anyways.

I have been fighting with my sugars ever since Al has been placed. They were constantly in the two hundreds. It isn’t outrageously high, but too high, and high enough to be on insulin. I was shocked, totally buggy eyed. My sugars were 98. 98 in the middle of the day! Wow! I didn’t sweat but my body responded to the work that I had done and the few laps I took of walking. So I am going back. For now, as long as the mild exercise works I will  pay the dollar. If I get to the point that my body becomes plateau, I can continue the walking as much as I like. I do better in a class situation with other people though, so I hate to give the class up. Exercising here at home alone never works. I make it about three days then I quit.

So all in all, I was very happy. I didn’t sweat, I wasn’t in  pain, and yet my sugars were way down. I did it!!!


44 thoughts on “Update on Exercise Class and Walking Track

  1. As someone getting back into fitness again I am in a similar place to you my brain tells me I should be sweating but my physio says not yet. build up slowly next week aim to speed up and fit in 7 laps then 8 the week after before you know it you will be flying round the track and working up a sweat without thinking about it if you feel you want to do more check out the ads and see if anyone is selling off cheap exercise bikes or treadmills if you can get one put it somewhere where you can stick the tv infront of it or my personal favourite buy a map stick it on the wall and mark off the distance you walk/run/cycle and imagine you are travelling across the country


  2. Well done for sticking to it. It’s strange you’re posting this – I’m diabetic type one and struggling terribly with my sugar levels – I’m under a lot of stress (in no way the same as you are, but my body is reacting to the fact that my grandad has so little time left that each time the phone goes my heart skips a beat) and I have a major exam in 2 weeks time. I have a broken hip so exercise is pretty difficult … I have thought of trying swimming (but last time I did that I fell on the side of the pool and nobody helped me … 😦 so, although I look ridiculously stupid, I’m going to give walking a go – I’ll try to keep up a bit of a pace but I’ll need to be careful not to fall. I am having surgery on 24th January which seems to help me walking for 6 weeks … it SHOULDN’T but it does – it’s meant for pain but it doesn’t do anything for that (I wish it did) but it DOES help me walk normally.

    I’ll be interested to know if your sugar level stabilizes … I’ll keep checking mine and we’ll see what happens. Thanks for posting this.


  3. Terry I am so proud. you did it and see you didn’t feel too bad there. Sometimes exercise without getting into a sweat is doing it too, we don’t always need to sweat like crazy. Do continue as it will be very good for your health. I do understand you rpoint about music, it would flow better, but hey you can’t have everything, so listen to his voice as he says it should be enough. haha. Well done Terry!


  4. Terry, it’s so great you went through with the class. Starting something new among strangers is so daunting! And really glad you went ahead and checked your numbers afterwards, or you might have passed on something really good for you. I had many patients or family members complain during our first PT session that it wasn’t hard enough…so many think that there has to be pain In Order to make progress. but it’s not always the case. Stick with it 🙂


  5. I say keep going…slow and steady wins the race…remember??? A and good beginning…and then you might up the pace…Sometimes I want more from water aerobics…
    but, I know 3 X a week…is doing me good for now…and I’ve stuck with it for a year as of this month…
    I pay $27.00 month at the YMCA…includes any classes offered…swimming pool…exercise equipment…help if needed…and we also have Senior trips and get-togethers…
    Of course I’m 64 or will be this month…but, I don’t think old, ha,ha!


    • that is the way I usually am too, mind is younger than body. 27 is good price, i could check it out. in florida i had to pay over 57 a month for what you are getting. i have not checked prices since moving back


  6. At least you tried and you haven’t given up… I love my Zumba and there you sweet form the first minutes and the music is fun.
    Gym is dead boring – and to make it more fun .. you need company. Swimming the same – you don’t want to do that alone, it it’s in arranged classes .. maybe that will be easier. Swimming is very good for every muscle in your body. I swim a lot as young.


    • I used to swim when I lived in Florida every day. I will go to the class because my body needs it. Maybe after I get in a bit better shape muscularly, I will try the Zumba class


  7. Thank you Terry! I am type II and on insulin, if your no sweat workout continues to help you then maybe there is hope for me to get off the insulin. Keep going, and do keep us posted on your results and progress. xo


  8. so glad you went! just showing up is sometimes the hardest part of starting something new. though it may not be the right class for you down the road this is a good start and shows you how just a little effort can have results. i am hoping you go back and am going to be waiting to hear how it goes.


  9. E.o.t.T. Terry! Stick with it. Ask the instructor for ways to make it a little more challenging for you and you can always get there early to walk extra laps. And think of this: people in a water aerobics class don’t “sweat” but they’re getting a work-out! You sugar numbers, continued mobility, improved mood–those are all good things! Keep it up!


    • thank you! I was totally surprised with my sugar numbers, and this is why i am going back. i also thought, i can go early and get extra laps. I am going to do that to help myself out!


      • try ankle weights. The Chief uses them when walking the greys–of course you notice them more on inclines but he said he’s come home feeling the “burn”. Just a thought.


  10. I’m so happy! I was getting bummed about the guy . ..thinking his voice was enough . .. and the three laps . ..sitting on chairs. But then the results! Yay! So, thanking God with you and you are doing so good, to determine to go back!


    • I am going to either go early or stay late and walk the track extra. God wanted me there, I knew this when he instructed my car to go to this place, so for now I am going to stay. thank you Debbie!!!


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