Daily Prompt; My Favorite/ The Daily Post


What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

I have had many people enter in to my lifedad, bev, me and theda

I have even had two that asked me to be a wife

Some have left marks on my heart that have stayed

Others have wandered through but went about their way

Some have taught me to love and to share

Others have hurt me, pain I had to wear

There are two people when I think back long ago

That have walked with me through life and this they know

But the favorite one that always is and always had

Is no other than my favorite person, my dad.

Terry Shepherd



I am the blonde standing right next to dad. This was about four months before he left from this earth to go home to heaven.

21 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; My Favorite/ The Daily Post

      • I know, Terry, it’s been a while. I have been having problems with my laptop, which have made browsing and commenting and blogging in general difficult. Hope you have been well. I see you have taken up walking. That is SO good. Nothing like a healthy spirit to keep up with that heart of gold.


      • I hope your laptop is doing better for you. I have missed seeing you and so glad we could have this chat. yes, I started walking. I needed to change my emotions from sad to healthy. ever since I placed Al I have been struggling with my feelings


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