Sunshine Award

My good friend Ivonne nominated me for the Sunshine Awardpic and write sun 30peacesunshine-award




Ivonne is clever, funny and has is so very nice. Go over and meet her if you have not already!

There is nothing else I can say about myself and no more questions that I can answer. Please forgive me for not going into great details about my simple life.

Thank-you again Ivonne!

14 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Right, I’ve sorted the music, fruit punch is chilling in the fridge. Snacks are already in the dishes, and I’ve made a few of my favourite cupcakes. And no, I haven’t brought the cage (bet you’re wondering what that means!).
    Congrats once again, Terry. Well deserved. 🙂


    • thank you and since the punch is chilling and the music ready plus snacks, i will be right there!!!!!! I am wondering what the cage is about. i do know I have wanted a big bird for years……… would take a big cage, hehe


      • Ha! Big Bird! Hope you don’t mind, but I thought a little 70’s disco would get the dance floor moving. 😉
        The reason for the cage is mentioned in my short biop on my pages.


      • aw Sarah, should I get my groovy disco dress on for a big shake down?? i love your attitude. you make me smile every time!!!!! so glad we have met


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