I Will Remember You

I took a nap after I blogged today

Now I am better but numb in some ways

I see a weakness inside of me

I need to fix so I am not weak in the knees

It bothers me when I see the anger set in

Where are the smiles that would turn to grins

Does Parkinson’s cause this big of deal

Spinning the personality wheel

Mumbling and cussing is not really his style

Maybe this anger will stay only a while

I hope the new increase in meds

Will cause sleepiness and put him in his bed

I thought the only thing I would ever see

Is maybe Al not walking like he used to be

But it seems to me this disease is really bad

Wanting to steal all that Al always had

I guess it is possible that he may not know

Or remember me or his coca cola show

I don’t wish this illness on anyone

The patient or daughter or even the son

I wish that I could blink my eyes and say

On the count of three you will be gone this day.alvin at fireworks

26 thoughts on “I Will Remember You

    • i love him, he is my brother and he and i are all that is left in our family. it breaks my heart to see what Parkinson’s is doing to his body and mind. thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with me. stop by anytime my friend


  1. You are so right about the disease talking …not Al…Personalities are changed…our minds change…our bodies change…when these illnesses attack us…Always remember this…
    I used to say about my son with his Bi-polar disorder…I know the real Doug is in there somewhere…because this is not my child…Finally with figuring out his meds…
    he is a wonderful man…caring, helpful, fun. …Not well…the disease doesn’t go away…
    but, I see him for who he really is…and now you have to remember who Al was…Love, mkg


    • i thought it was the disease and pain that was changing Al. I am so glad you got to see the old Al. I am hoping that maybe in the spring we can get together again and you can go see him with me. He thinks so much of you


  2. Hi there, your words touch me everytime – by the way an envelop will be posted today – card for AL and the rest for you – you’re allowed to do a post about it .. if you want to.


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