I Need Some Humor After Today

Cooked cabbage

Cooked cabbage

My grandma used to say

That vegetables get in the way

I didn’t know what she meant

I looked at her and off I went

Now all grown up and eating right

I cooked some cabbage for tonight

I added some beef for flavor

I wanted my mouth to really savor

Mushrooms and tomatoes and spices too

Put it in the crock-pot and went to do

Some visiting an auction and Al during this day

Bought a big crock and saw Al in a bad way

I knew that I had supper cooking on low

I wanted to eat out but was low on dough

I walked into my house and I thought what is that

It smelled like someone had killed a cat

The stench I inhaled made me pretty sure

That I think I am going to vomitΒ  and hurl

I used a clothespin and plugged my nose

As I knew the cooking had a ways to go

When the cooking was done I went to look

I carefully lifted the lid and took

The ladle and stirred it very well

The aroma was not setting off any memory bells

I thought what the heck I will give it a try

I poured some in a pot and closed my eyes

Ok, I did it, I ateΒ  and then took a smoke

I felt my tummy rumbling as it began to bloat

I now know what my grandma was referring too

The little toot toots that make you say pew

Terry Shepherd


36 thoughts on “I Need Some Humor After Today

  1. Terry. this a wonderful, funny, witty and playful … woman that has written this – she needs to come out more often. I think you did abosulte the right thing – bring some humor into your tough day, before you went to bed – as Julie said …. your are a true champ. I hope you will get a good nights sleep and tomorrow is another day.


    • I could not go to bed still thinking of Al. Although I have a plan to get this crap settled once and for all, I can do nothing until Monday. I won’t be seeing Al tomorrow. I will be staying inside as we are having freezing ice. i figured what the ___. let’s add some laughter to this night!!! thanks for enjoying it my friend


      • Terry, hope you are feeling much better today and you are doing the right thing – sit down with management of the home and tell them what you like first of all and then what you don’t like, because if you start in a positive way – they will listen and take in the negative much better. It works, promise.
        Try to remember that 3 first minutes of every meeting – determines how the meeting will end, positive or negative.
        Good luck!


  2. LOL! Oh goodness Terry. I think I laughed the minute I realised that you’d put together cabbage and beef. Those are bound to lead to some “toot” tooting. πŸ˜€ I do hope tomorrow is better day for you, and that you get some sleep tonight <3<3<3


    • Hi there Kadeen!!!! so nice to see you! I am glad you got a laugh about my supper. hehe. I am going to bed right now. I hope tomorrow is a better day also. It is freezing rain right now so I won’t be going out tomorrow, unless I have to for Al. hugs and love, nite!


      • Raining over there? Wow! To tell you the truth it has been super mild this week out here. The weather has been so cool that I’ve been walking around in cotton shirts and gran’s palamino with my coat over my arm. Mom was not very pleased πŸ˜€ But it’s just so “nicely” chilly, ya know? Not the freeze your fingers and toes off kind. πŸ˜€

        P.S. To tell you the truth, I’m still giggling over your supper πŸ˜› Have a good sleep Terry! <3<3<3


  3. Hehe.. very cute. Thanks for sharing. It does look like German sauerkraut of which I have a wonderfully simple recipe to make a great filling dinner. My mom and I loved it. No one else I know seems to appreciate it though. You just need some cubed ham, kraut and mashed potatoes. Put them in a casserole dish in that order and bake. About thirty minutes at 350 and voila!


  4. πŸ˜€ That was so cute! I love cabbage but you hit it right on! My mom would say “I like {a food that she can no long eat} but it don’t like me no more” I had to add cabbage to my list a long time ago.


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