Cabbage Versus Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad

Last night I wrote a little story

About my supper how it was gory

I put it in the fridge that night

I knew I would eat and not waste this delight

I got up this morning and made my drink

Coffee with cream , they definitely link

I got in the fridge to get the milk

There sat the crap that I had built

The smell was overpowering me

I put my head between my knees

I got the milk and shut the door

I didn’t want to smell that anymore

When lunch time came and it was time

I got out the bowlย  but it seemed a crime

I ran the water and dumped the bowl

Down the little garbage hole

Instead I got out the spinach leaves

Cut up tomatoes and some cheese

Added some dressing and spices too

This was my new lunch and I bid ado

Terry Shepherd


41 thoughts on “Cabbage Versus Spinach Salad

    • thank you Carolyn!!! Spinach is something I can usually only eat raw. If I eat it cooked I have to use the oils and I would rather not. So nice to see you my friend…………..


  1. I love raw cabbage, but I agree – it needs to be eaten there and then.

    I also love spinach – either raw or very very slightly steamed so that it’s wilted but still crunchy. I think one of the nicest salads I’ve ever eaten incorporated spinach and samphire ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’m just getting caught up on back e-mails. I love your poem and I love spinach salad, too. But I cannot eat it cooked. Yuck! I haven’t had spinach salad recently but I used to use coleslaw dressing on it. I’m not fond of vinaigrette dressings.


      • I’ve been rather sporadic on the computer the last few days. And today, when I thought I was going to get so much done, I discovered a leak in the hot water pipe behind my kitchen cupboard. At first it was a wet mat when I got up this morning. I moved the mat to try to get it dry. Then I discovered the floor was wet again. I took everything out from under the sink (and there was a lot to remove) only to find nothing dripping there. But I could hear the dripping, then I started to hear hissing, then I saw steam coming from the other part of the cupboard. That’s when I took out half the stuff in that cupboard and discovered a muffin tin filled with water plus a few other things. The assistant super tried to fix it and thought she had caught it until she could get the plumber on Monday. She came back a while ago because she could hear water dripping downstairs in the mail room. But she wasn’t satisfied, so she called the plumber tonight and he’s coming after 9:30 when his daughter’s hockey game is over. What a weekend!


      • What a mess! but so thankful you do not have to foot that bill, but maybe you can ask them to put all of your stuff back?????? i doubt it, going to have to be your job i guess………you will b glad when that is fixed


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