Care Plan Meeting

Well it is over. The care plan meeting. It was a little odd because for the first time, I had the floor. They wanted to hear what I had to say. They asked questions. They didn’t end the meeting until every thing was spread out on the table. I felt like we clicked like peanut butter and jelly.

I voiced all of my thoughts I had written down. Changes were made according to what they have observed so far. I can deal with the changes because it will keep Al safer. There will be no more straws. He struggles to drink out of them but the issue is he can’t seem to release the grip on the straw. We are all concerned that he will suck the straw down his throat.

The second change is he will be moved to the second dining room. He is struggling to cut his food and he is taking too big of bites. With the independence he has of ordering his meals, he is eating too much and has gained eleven pounds. This is unacceptable for a heart patient and with his weakening mobility. In the second dining room he will be assisted in making better food choices. He will be observed more closely on choking and bite size.

He was able to keep his walker, but it is to be used to go into his bathroom or to the edge of his room door and then he is to ride in his wheel chair. We made notations that he needs his toenails cut. I made it quite clear that he has to have baby oil lightly rubbed into his hair and face daily. It was just awful to see the crusty formation of cradle crap. This can be controlled by the baby oil, but before, no one was listening.

Al was worried so bad about this meeting. Some one must have told him about it. I told him it was no big deal. It was just a get together to make his life as pain-free as possible. He seemed to lighten up a little.

I am sure he will miss his dining buddy, but I told him the two of them can visit after eating and also visit each others rooms. I explained that you could never have enough friends and now he was going to be able to make even more.

All in all, I walked a way satisfied and happy. Al was very chatty during his lunch. He said hi to everyone that walked by. I am sure everyone on the side that he lives, all know his name. The pain medication was working today. He said his legs did not hurt as bad.

The nurse said it may take a few days for the increase to kick in, and I can see that she was right. I thank-you for the prayers and God for letting me have a good visit with Al and the meeting. I know God was right there in the middle watching it all


43 thoughts on “Care Plan Meeting

  1. Hallelujah! I’m very happy that things worked out so well for you and Al. The Lord knew you could handle it, that’s why He made you your brother’s keeper.

    Much love,


  2. So glad that the meeting went well and all parts came out from it with a good feeling. Very important for future meetings. I’m sure that things will be okay now and I’m sure Al will go and look for his mates when he want company. I’m so happy for AL and you.


  3. Ah, great news, Terry! I seems they finally realized that while the people at the facility may be the experts in dealing with challenging situations, you’re still the expert in helping and taking care of Al. Good! You say straws are a concern. How about sippy cups? The kind that toddlers learn to drink from? Might be worth considering, maybe…xoxoM


  4. my faith has been restored! i had been so sure the meeting would go well but there was a tiny bit of doubt. i am so grateful you had a good meeting and now feel listened to. hooray for you and al:)


  5. I thought my comment posted… Guess not. Well congrats on a successful meeting. I very proud of you for demanding it and hopefully getting them to make much needed changes. I very much hope they take it as a lesson to change how they treat people. Now hopefully you and al can have better happier and less stressful visits.


    • When I realized all eyes were on me, I felt like that duck, swimming in sweat, but I did it and hopefully I have made a difference. It feels like all i ever do is play the repeat game with staff


  6. I’m happy to read this, Terry…of course I just read the follow-up post and it seems the next time was another story. Kind of like life as a whole, huh? Some ups and some downs. Glad you were able to experience this ‘up’ and hopefully the latest ‘down’ won’t keep you from smiling. Be blessed, my friend.


    • I am still smiling Brian……………….I don’t know what God’s plan is for Al and me, but I am accepting it is good. I walk the rocks in the path way and keep my face towards the sun………..hugs to you for being such a good friend


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