In The Shadows

dick mouse

A little mouse came out to play

So thin so ugly  not knowing the way

He always stayed inside and hid

He just wanted to remain a kid

His momma kept telling him he had to stop

Letting bad feelings go over the top

One day she told him he must go

He had to learn he had to show

That he was worthy of taking space

Among the world of the mouse race

She shoved him out the door just now

He found a corner his head did bow

He shivered he shook from the fear within

His confidence dwindling he wanted to go in

Then a long came a mouse who sensed this fear

He came up so close and very near

He asked what is wrong how can I help you

Tell me your story, let’s see what we can do

The little mouse poured out his heart

The other mouse listening not taking a part

He gave him time to say it all

He understood why he was about to fall

The other mouse asked if his story was done

The little mouse said yes my song is sung

The big mouse stands tall and inhales a sigh

He stands very close and wipes the others eye

He says I used to be the same way

Until a friend walked up one day

He explained that we can not be the same

We are born and we play the game

We can not all be nice and fat

There is always going to be a dirty rat

Who tries to tell us we are nothing

When actually we are really something

Be proud of who you are and how you look

Don’t go by any of those crazy mouse books

The truth is known you were made this way

So that you could help others have a better day

I learned this the hard way by getting beat up

I soaked in my pity in the old kitchen cup

I decided right there and then

That I would go out and I would win

Now I am happy with who I am

I walk with my head high and my gut held in

You can do the same my friend

If you will let loose and begin to bend

Accept that you are just as good

As all the mice in the neighborhood

The little mouse looked up at him

And with shyness he gave a little grin

Will you help me along this rocky road

Will you show me how to lift this load

Will you be my friend forever more

Will you help me walk proudly through the door

The big mouse said of course I will

Now let’s get moving let’s not stand still

Together the two different mice did stay

Good friends and are yet still today.

Terry Shepherd




Daily Prompt; Apply Yourself/ The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Apply Yourself

by Michelle w. on January 19, 2013

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

Accepting was my last attempt to learn but it still has not come. I guess I have always been a dreamer. I think I have always been filled with the hope of tomorrow.hope for tomorrow

Too much pain, too little time, and too tired. This is how I feel today. I am exhausted.

Some of us, especially me, believe that no matter what is thrown in our path, we can fix it. If we can not fix it we can work around it.

Actually my friends, today was or is not  the perfect day to be writing about this prompt. I actually laughed at it when I saw the title. I may feel entirely different tomorrow, but today I feel nothing more than a cat stretched out on the bed taking a nap.

The first sign I had, was I woke up in pain. Not physical, emotional. I had dream after dream last night about my family and my brother. It was emotional enough, that I didn’t jump up and make the coffee. Instead I went back to bed.

They say it is bad to go to sleep pondering on the problems in your life. I guess there is truth in this as I once again dreamed. Waking up the next time, I felt like I had been drug through the mud. This made my emotions even more intense.

The mud puddles that I keep stepping in instead of over are damaging my soul. I can not help myself. Believe me I have tried. I have plastered the smile on my face. I made the coffee. I have prayed over and over for me to see people in the right lighting.  I have played my favorite tunes, but I am still tired.

Tired of trying to believe that my family is  here. Tired of being alone. Tired of the silence. Tired of being ignored. It hurts so darn bad when you reach out to a loved one and all you get in return is silence.

It hurts so much when I see the changes going on in my life with my brother. My voice is scratchy from trying to explain to others what I stand for, what I believe and no one listens. You listen, don’t get me wrong, I know that I am blessed with the biggest support group here on WordPress. When I step a way from the computer and I have nothing else to say, I will once again see the hard truth of where I fit in.

I do not keep a journal but I am very aware of life that is around me. I am so sorry my friends. I am sorry for dumping on you. I am not being an inspiration to anyone today. I am not going to see Al today. I can’t take it, maybe I am a coward, I don’t know. I don’t want any added problems just for today.

Hopefully I will snap out of this and come flying back with some witty thing to say later. For now, I am going back to bed.