9 thoughts on “Eminem, Beautiful

  1. When I saw this one pop up in my inbox I had to go back and check again 😀 Lol! I actually used to listen to this particular song quite alot in 2011 I think it was. I’m sort of an Eminem fan in a way, mostly because I like the songs where he raps about his life. 😀


    • I don’t go for rap, but I have always been fascinated by the stories he tells. This is what keeps me going back. I wish he could keep the foul language out of his music, but sadly this helps his music to sell in my opinion


      • Actually, you can find clean versions of songs if you search hard enough, or atleast a version where the words are muted. Now in terms of the foul language, I am definitely not a favourite of that, but I think in his case for particular songs it’s more a form of expression than him using it to sell his music. I can’t say for sure, but I just get that general sense from the real life songs he creates. Now in his other songs, the ones that are specifically for entertainment, I agree with you 😀


      • you just showed a different light on this for me. you are right. when he is stressing how bad life can be how unfair he does use the foul language, but with other songs i do understand what you are saying. thanks Kadeen for showing me another way to look at it


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